Monday, April 20

Tantra Nova Man Show

Zental AKA Freddy Weaver is the co-founder of Tantra Nova Institute in Chicago. He came to San Diego to perform his one man show: Tantra Nova Man and co-facilitate a transformative two day Tantra theater intensive. These photos are from before and after the show when we did Tantra Theater improv and a powerful Q and A session!

"So Zental, what advice do you have for the blocked artist or tantrika who wants to leave their corporate job and persue their real passion?"
"Start practicing your craft!" As Viraja is on FabuLiz in this Improv Comedy scene.
Then you can tell your geeky boss to kiss your ass...right after they polish your Ember tells Andrew in this improv. scene.
Ultimately, you'll know when you're ready to drop to your knees and devote yourself to the goddess as Michael does here with Joy and Fabuliz as his witnesses!

We had an enlighteneing weekend and hope you'll join us for The next Tantra Theater Improv. show on May 2nd. at 6:45pm

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