Sunday, April 19

Mothers Milk for Kali Ma

When I was breast feeding, I felt very protective of my son's milk and rarely shared it with my friends and lovers. Several times when I was so full that I was achey and didn't want to use a pump to artificially express my milk, I allowed My beloved Michael to help me out. But that was more of a medical necessity than a pleasurable act.
As you can imagine, I was approached often and a number of beautiful men and women in the tantra community would have loved to suckle me...but generally speaking I was fairly conservative and saved my milk for my first and only son. On several occassions, however, I remember offering my milk to other women in my mommy groups just so that I could trade the experience and taste theirs in exchange.
Another powerful exception was with Daka Martin from Chicago. At an afterparty of the Daka Dakini East Conference, he sweetly asked if I'd be willing to donate a cup of mother's milk for his upcoming goddess puja. When he told me the puja would be for Goddess Kali, my answer was so immediate, it startled me. But, Of Course!
A few days later I recieved a 'thank you' letter with a brief description of the puja:
"Kali drank down the milk like you wouldnt believe. Thank you for that honor.
Bringing mother's milk home for Kali was an exceptional experience for me. I don't know how I summoned the courage to ask for it but I did. Later that night Kamala returned to me with a cold hotel glass half filled with with her own milk and a smile. She was excited about an offering to Kali and I greatfully and humbly accepted.
The ride home was long that night and it left time for wondering just what mothere's milk tasted like...I looked at the cup then turned away shaking my head saying no,'s for Kali. Put the milk in the fridge and went to bed. ( I found out later that when my friend Amber saw it in the fridge, she found herself saying " I, no, it's for Kali" too).
Time for feeding the spirits came and I got my things together...the rum, chamba (a combination of rum, chilis, gun powder, and cemetary dirt), Ipo (palm oil), tissues, plates, treats for the Gods and the milk. As usual, when it was time, I reached for my skull bowl, poured the rum and fed each spirit by taking the drink into my mouth and "spitting" or spraying the spirit. The chamba is tough cause the older it gets, the hotter it gets and usually leaves me coughing and gasping after the first two sips. When it came time for Kali, without thinking, I poured the milk into the skull, said a few words to Kali then took the milk into my mouth....How transendantly sweet was this offering as I covered Kali with her food...I watched myself in shock as I continued with the offering not realising that I would be tasting it until it touched my toungue. For whatever the reason my world sort of flipped in my mind for a moment there. Kali looked magnificent, copper and brass beaded with white marbled droplets all over her body. I poured the rest into her base and finnished with my offerings. Then I went on to have a profound day.
I hope you accept this method of offering. We didnt discuss this before hand and I was on automatic.
Thank you again for the offering. May Kali Bless you and your family.




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