Thursday, April 9

Bisexuality is a Blessing

Bisexuality is a blessing not only because it doubles your chances of getting a date on a Saturday night, but it makes poly a tad more understandable in some circles. Frankly most everyone can agree that it is hard for one sex to substitute the needs for the other. As a bisexual woman who came out at age 16, I was clear that I wasn’t going to be happy settling down with one sex for the rest of my life. Infact I wouldn’t even commit to anyone unless we agreed that I could, if I desired, see someone of the opposite sex. It was not an either or it was a clear both. My male partners would have a hard time arguing that they were able to meet my needs for feminine companionship just as my lesbian lovers simply could not provide me with the unique pleasures of what I now know to be called “bio-cock.” (Thank you REiD for edifying me on this term.) As much as I love fingers and other store bought implements, nothing substitutes for a non-detachable penis. Not that this is the only unique benefit of dating the male species, but it’s worthy of a special note and I trust my readers to know, that I know: there is more to a man than what is between his legs.
In any case, when Michael first asked me for my phone number I was quick to say something to the tune of: I’d love to get to know you better, but I want you to know up front that I’m bisexual and I’m still in close contact with my recent ex girlfriend.” He smiled and seemed immediately to know that what I actually meant was that I’m still sleeping with her, or at least he took it for code that I was a candidate to fulfill his threesome fantasies. He responded by saying he is happy that I’m not the jealous type.
Once that was agreed. We had a smokin’ first date, and though we both probably talked a tad too much about our other lovers, we were clearly not pretending to be monogamous. So it is that we started off our poly relationship.

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