Tuesday, April 7

Harness Your Blogging Habbit!

Nearly everyone fantasizes about becoming an author. But not everyone wants to actually sit down and write a book. I know, because I earn a portion of my income coaching people on how to shortcut the long arduous journey of writing their books. They pay me to hold their hands while they do the work. It's like being a personal trainer. I tell them what to do, but if they want results, they have to show up and pump iron themselves. Don't get me wrong, I love writing. But it's hard work. It's painful, lonely and if you do it right, you have to run dangerously close to loosing your grip on reality.

I don't blame my clients, I don't want to do any more work than I have to. Speed Writing always seemed so romantic. I was infatuated with the idea of just sitting down and squeezing out a book out. Especially since the idea for "Don't Drink the Punch" came through me like a white hot lightning bolt when I was traveling in India. Why couldn't I write it just as fast. The challenge seemed intense, even tantric. I fancied myself a secretary taking dictation from the goddess herself. But since I'd never actually written a book, I spent about a year studying and modeling the most prolific writers and spiritual channels in order to develop the method I call, "How to write a book in 90 days."

My second book came after a year of teaching this 90 day technology. Baba Dez Nichols called me up around Thanksgiving in '07 asked if it was really possible to have a book written, printed and available for sale at his Sedona conference in May of '08. The challenge turned me on. And after a romantic whirlwind we birthed, "Sacred Sexual Healing. I've since taught dozens of students how to write their own books in record time, but I am still tweaking and improving the process especially as new information and technology emerges.

One of the design flaws in my course seems to be that people stall after they write their first draft or they lose steam during their re-write. I've even had students who've completed their re-write but have no motivation to play the long arduous publishing game.

So after years of writing e-zines I've recently been seduced into Blogging. Blogging offers the dual incentive of instant publishing and an interactive forum with your readers. So I noticed that some of the very same students who loose their mojo for book writing, spend hours online typing blogs on the very same topic. Further I've heard rumors about such bloggers who are generating e-books, striking book deals, meeting agents online and even getting picked up by publishers because of their little techno-literary habit. I even met a couple of Brilliant coaches who offer a complete package to help people turn their blogs into books. (Scroll down for details.)

So I ask myself, how hard can it be? You set up a blog, you create a publishing schedule, You establish the subject, outline the content, you tell all your friends you're going to do it (peer pressure is key) and start blogging!So I figure, since I'm having a hard time sitting my ass in the chair and working on my new book "Free Love: Can you really afford it?" I thought I'd give this Blog to Book idea a crack...Stay tuned next week when I post my writing goals.

Infinite Love,

Kamala Devi

Here are some further resources for turning your blog into a book:
The Blog to Book Project by The Blog Squad™ with Denise and Patsy http://blog2print.sharedbook.com/
With just a couple of clicks, you choose a cover, the posts you'd like to include, and you're on your way to creating a Blog Book of as much of your blog as you choose.
For a video of the Printing Process go to:
For Details about Kamala Devi's How to write a Book in 90 days go to:


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