Sunday, March 7

Sacred Snuggle Party-- March

Here are some of the beautiful, open hearted beings that stayed until after the closing circle for a photo. Despite the pouring rain, the evening was a warm, intimate and REAL experience. I don't have any pictures of our Tantra Theater performance, but with Shawn Roop, Michael and Rita singing songs about Sphincters and Raindrops it was one of our best shows ever. Infact, the performances just keep getting better. We'll be gathering again on Tuesday for a Tantra Talk with Baba Dez as the guest speaker: The cutting edge of sexual shamanism, I hope you'll join us.
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Anonymous said...

What a blissed out group! Thank you for last night Kamala. You ROCK! I'm grateful for you in my life and that I can dance on the edge of the volcano with you! - Love, AmRita