Wednesday, March 10

Artist's Way Open House (Overflow)

    Most people already know the damage caused by the prevalent puritanical messages that reinforce guilt, shame and fear around Sex. Our that mainstream culture is absolutely schizophrenic when it comes to sex. We're told that sex is wrong and dirty but sex is still used on billboards to help sell jeans. Sex is the creative life force. When sex is repressed, our basic humanity is disempowered.
   But do you know that we are equally controlled by the social conditioning that says artists are crazy, homo, poor, unreliable...These deep cultural beliefs are subconsciously repressing our creativity. Until we truly question our limiting beliefs about art and artists, we cannot be fully expressed men and women.
The Artist Way is a powerful journey into our deep sub, and superconscious beliefs. After this twelve week process many artists discover their true, dreams, visions and purpose. Kamala Devi has been teaching it annually for the last 8th years. Congratulations to the bold souls who are about to embark on a journey towards self realization.
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