Friday, March 12

Ready for another round?

     We are a bold group of shape shifting, gender bending, uninhibited storytellers. Through a shamanic journey we got in touch with our "inner opposites" and did psycho drama from the shadowy alter egos. We celebrate that within each of us is the capacity for wife-beating, public masterbation, lesbian prostitution, and even drag queen burlesque. This is the fourth round of Tantra theater and after a 90 day journey of escavating our deep personal narratives we will be recording our stories to video and performing a public showcase.
     Our showcase is currently scheduled for Sat. May 1st 6pm at the Emerald Temple, but peices of this program may be viewed as early on April 17th at the new Downtown location for monthly Tantra Theater events. If you can't wait to be a part of the action, come to the new location launch party at the Ideal Hotel at 7:30 on Sat. March 20th. Details for all upcoming events can be found at

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