Tuesday, March 9

Help us Celebrate Our 1st Birthday with a Location Launch Party

Almost one year ago, we were a group of mostly virgin performers who were nervously preparing our first public showcase in my backyard. We've since traveled to conferences, performed at festivals, maintained a monthly gig, designed our new website: http://www.tantratheater.tv/ that features hours of streaming video, but we're most proud of the deep connections we've made with hundreds of open-minded audience members! This month, we're stepping up to professional venue in a hip downtown hotel where we'll be offering radical, improvisational, experimental tantra theatre events.
You may be wondering: What's the connection between Tantra and Theater? To which I say:
Tantra acknowledges that desire, sex and pleasure are as sacred as prayer, worship, and ritual. While Theater, as a medium, is the culmination of the 64 tantric temple arts (music, song, dance, mimicry...see blog post below) Together, Tantra Theater is a sensual ritual where the community comes together, turns down the lights, breaths together, laughs together and cries together as they focus their attention on provocative entertainment. By transparently dramatizing our personal narratives Tantra Theater players give the audience permission to see their sex as sacred, and their life as art. Our mission is to transmute sexual guilt shame and fear into art healing and liberation.
To celebrate we're going to have:
  •  tatoo art
  •  ice breakers
  •  free door prizes
  •  fun improvisation
  •  audience participation
  • And of course, original performance art by Shawn Roop, Michael, Joy, Ember, Sarah, Janos & More!
Save $5 if you dress up in the color of your favorite chakra. To purchase $10/15 tickets for 7:30 March 20th in Downtown go to: http://locationlaunchparty.eventbrite.com

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