Tuesday, March 23

Free Sex Magic TeleConference Call with Kamala Devi

     Reid Mihalko offers a 60 minute fun, down to earth, practical interview with Kamala Devi to break down the practice of Sex Magic.
      The Secret is out! Everyone knows about the law of attraction. But not everyone knows how to use it! AND the Secret beyond the secret: is Sex Magic. This practical tele-class can help you supercharge your goals, upgrade your life and learn ancient tantric methods of Manifestation. Kamala Devi invites you to focus your attention and intention during love making to bring about your wildest dreams! She teaches a basic 7 method formula to help demystify this occult practice and make it safe and accessible to just about anyone. You can do this practice solo, with your beloved, or even in a group! The SHAMAN Method involves:
* Instruction for Strategic Goal Setting
* Stimulating the visualization process
* Creative Procedures for manifestation
* How to supercharge your results
* Creating a realistic plan to make it work
and much more!

Kamala will be in the Bay Area doing workshops, talks and playshops with Reid Mihalko from March 25-28th. For details go to:

Iron Slut - http://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=592735889
Relationship Dojo - http://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=522227998
Sacred Sexuality Play Party - http://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=592735889

 Kamala Devi is the author of Sacred Sexual Healing: The SHAMAN Method of Sex Magic. She's been studying and teaching Tantra and sacred sexuality around the world in the last 7 years and recently appeared on the Discovery Channel, Morning Show Live, Inside Edition, and the Tyra Banks Show. She is also the Author of Don't Drink the Punch: An Adventure in Tantra and she's recently released new DVD with Reid Mihalko entitled: Earning your BLACKBELT in Relationship. Photo Credit: Kamala was commissioned by www.sss-now.org For more about Kamala Devi go to www.blisscoach.com


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