Tuesday, June 2

Shift Happens

An Open Letter announcing:
An inspector from the City came to my house last week. My husband Michael asked her to take off her shoes at the door and then walked her from room to room so she could take pictures of the Emerald Temple. A few days before, we were issued a notice from the City, kindly asking for voluntary compliance of code violation. Apparently the complaint began because I posted my street address online on my Tantra MeetUp page. The fact that my website advertises sex education and sensual parties temporarily caught the attention of the San Diego vice squad. Additionally, the city reports that at least one neighbor complained that parking was an issue and they overheard someone in front of our house saying, Quote: "you better bring condoms."

Michael spoke with the female vice squad detective who specializes in narcotics, prostitution, pornography and gambling. She looked over my website and said she could clearly see that I am not a prostitute and didn't want to waste her time coming over to our home. The parking complaint is typical in this neighborhood since we live 2 blocks from the bars and 4 blocks from the beach, and the condom comment could have been made by any college student on the streets of PB. Still, the city would have to investigate for zoning violations.

The inspector was a nice woman, but I had mixed feelings about her taking pictures of the sacred objects in my temple. Initially it felt like an invasion of privacy, so I had a pre-emptive consultation with a lawyer friend who suggested I say, "you have permission to enter my home, but you do not have my permission to take photos." I considered this option, but ultimately decided: I have nothing to hide. Michael asked the city official exactly what she was looking for. She specifically said she wanted to see the bedrooms and bathrooms and if there were locks on the doors and or too many beds. In short, they wanted to see if my home looked like a sex club or a brothel. Further Michael asked what we needed to do to comply with the city and she said:

1) Get a business license for any work you do at home.

2) Stop using your home address on your online advertising.

And so it is.
It is done.
Although the case may not be officially closed for several more weeks, I've gone into deep prayer and meditation about my role as a temple priestess. And what about my role as a wife and mother of a 2 year old? Or an erotic entrepreneur running a coaching practice? And ultimately, as a tantra teacher? How can I gracefully dance between these roles and still have integrity with my students, seekers and neighbors?

After much meditation, I hear Spirit calling me to move my work more towards a tantric school, with private entrollment. Like many, my heart longs for greater depth and commitment from the tantra community. As an active community leader, I've seen many seekers come and go; connections made and broken. I know how deep this work is, and how easy it is to run when the resistance comes up. I also see how hard it is to establish trust and safety if we don't know the others who show up to walk the same path. I now see the complaint from the city as a call to step up my integrity, commitment and service to the community.

Thus, I'm shifting my focus from running tantric events to running a Virtual School. I'm hereby announcing the birth of a new membership site: Bliss Coach University. We will no longer be charging or asking for donations for any of the events at my home. I've uploaded over ten hours of tantric teachings online and continue to offer more telephone, online and video resources. All members are invited to commit to a minimum of 6 months and will receive a combination of online and in-person coaching. I feel this shift not only supports my local students in creating deeper community, but my national and international students who don't have access to the teachings that are so abundant in San Diego.

If you want to continue to grow with me, and support our tantra school, please go to Bliss Coach University and be one of the first students to enroll. As a "Beta Member" you get a radically deep discount for your classes and lots of fun goodies like a Shiva lingam amulet. Legally, as a San Diego homeowner, I'm still are allowed to host private parties (as long as I don't charge, post my address on the web, or obstruct parking.) Thus, until we secure a regular commercial space, we will be celebrating sacred sexual freedom this summer, by hosting free, invitation only events. My parties, playshops and tantra theater shows are private gatherings, open to my closest friends, lovers and students. So if you're available this month, scroll down for a variety of FRE'E events and/or write me for a personal invitation. This Saturday, we will be celebrating the launch of Bliss Coach University with a FRE'E Community Potluck, Tantra Theater Improv. and Sacred Snuggle Party right after the goddess gathering. In conclusion, please visit Bliss Coach University to become a Beta Member. Thanks for your support.


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