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. Kamala Devi is a bisexual Latin woman of Jewish descent who was raised in conservative Orange County, California. During school she worked as an event coordinator for her family's publishing and consulting company. As an undergraduate Kamala produced a handful of lesbian and feminist-themed plays, and graduated with a double emphasis on Women's Studies and Performance art.
. After about seven year’s involvement in the lesbian scene, Kamala fell in love with a man and followed him to Hawaii to practice partner yoga, polyamory, and politics. They lived on Wimanalo Beach, in a crazy drumming commune in a pegboard shack with their pet chicken, Stu. Kamala lead botanical garden tours by day, and by night she directed Gay Pride of Honolulu and the Honolulu Gay and lesbian film festival '97. Hawaii is where she experienced her first Tantric awakening.
. It was during a regular Tuesday night drumming practice. The Tahitian neighbors always roasted a pig and everyone drummed and danced under the stars. Kamala remembers dissolving into the dance, laughing on the inhale, crying on the exhale, until she wiped the tears from her eyes to see who was laughing. After every ounce of being had been spent, she crawled home to make love. She melted from her earth-suit and merged with the force that animates her. Within the next two years she furthered her sacred sexual exploration through role playing, gift giving, foot washing, ritual sex, sensual feasting, anal sex, cross dressing, performance art, massage, meditation, bondage, dreamscape and gender bending. It was a spontaneous sexual awakening that unfolded without a curriculum or a guru.
. After a painful loss of the Gay and Lesbian Marriage Campaign, Kamala returned to California defeated and depressed. The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center offered her great solace as she retreated to their ashrams, attained her yoga teachers certificate and changed her name. When given the name Kamala Devi, her Guru warned that it was a tantric name that is understood to mean: She who worships the divine with her body. But Sivinanda was not a tantric order, so Kamala set out again in search of her true self. She backpacked alone through Western Europe for six months. After another run-in with depression, she returned home and continued questing through Southeast Asia, and China. Her great sojourn landed her in San Diego in the arms of her beloved named Michael.
. Kamala first met Michael on Valentines at a Tantra puja led by Francoise Ginsberg. He was volunteering at the door, greeting people with hugs and nametags. He drew a little red heart on her nametag and later got her number. Kamala also connected with a strawberry blond she met in the bathroom. It turns out that Michael had gotten the same woman’s phone number and after a first date with both Michael and this woman, their second date was as a traid on a camping trip to Mexico.
. Michael is an inborn Shaman who’s taught Kamala much about Sexual Healing. Together they traveled to South India to study goddess worship from a Guru who channels Kali. During their pilgrammage, Kamala remembers sitting at the base of Maharshi’s Mountain in Tiravanamli, contemplating the question. Who am I? Coming up with nothing. She continued to sit in the void until her butt got tired from sitting. She stood up, brushed herself off and decided to entertain her desires and take a role in the drama of life. Which is to say, she put her costume back on and danced between the roles of lover, teacher and scribe.
went home.
. The 2004 Sumatran Tsunami struck while she was in the airplane on her way home. Kamala was thus inspired to write a novel. Or more accurately, to channel it. It took exactly one year from when she wrote the first line to when she had the published book in hand. This novel is called"Don't Drink the Punch: An Adventure in Tantra" and it came just in time, because Kamala was pregnant at her book release party.
. Kamala and Michael now live in an eco-friendly temple by the beach. From the outside it seems that Kamala and Michael are living the American dream: they are educated, successful, have a healthy baby boy. And yet, they're also living the American Fantasy: they practice tantra, and have been living in a successful open marriage. As such, she has been recieveing national attention. She recently appeared on MTV, Discovery Channel, Morning Show Live, Inside Edition, several independent documentaries and the Tyra Banks Show. She is the co-author of "Sacred Sexual Healing: The SHAMAN Method of Sex Magic" with Baba Dez Nichols and is currently working on a book and a reality TV show with REiD Mihalko entitled, Free-Love, Can You Really Afford it?
. Kamala recently founded Bliss Coach University. She specializes in working with artists, healers and visionaries. Her sessions and events are designed to activate the second chakra, which is not only the sex center but the source of creativity. She helps couples manifest fulfilling relationships, artists to realize their full expression, writers to publish their first books, and Erotic Entrepreneurs to build spiritually grounded business. Are you ready to take a quantum leap toward your full expression? If so, please check out or contact 858-272-2254


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