Wednesday, June 10

I need a Videographer to Document for Bliss Coach University

With all my recent Media exposure: MTV, Tyra, Fox...It seems I've gotten the bug to be on cameara. I filmed for nearly a week in Sedona and am crossing my fingers for the reality TV Show that REiD Mihalko is pitching to VH1...It has the same title as our book in progress: Free Love, can you really afford it? If all the negotiates go as originally intended, I would be on a panel of experts with REiD, and Diana Adams. But I've come to the conclusion that I need to have more creative control. That I would like to produce my own instructional videos.

Besides, I've announced to the world that I'll be offering my workshops online as videos and recordings... time to build a team and start generating more material.
I started this morning off sharing a cup of tea with Wes Wolcott (an very professional and tantric videographer, who I aspire to work with in the near future, but who's services may be more than I need.)

So I put the following add on Craigslist:
I am looking for low cost or even trade services on an ongoing basis. I feel my situation is unique and I'd like to work with someone who has a sensitivity to subjects that are both spiritual and sexual. I am a tantra teacher and recently founded an online university to help people integrate sexuality and spirituality. I currently work in San Diego offering books, classes, sessions, parties and playshops which I'd like to have recorded so that I can start to offer them nationwide.
As a community leader I have access to a number of volunteers who can work cameras, and some who even own cameras but I need creative direction and editing.

The current goal is to:
Film at least one event per month and edit it with music and minimal graphics at beginning and end.
Digitize it and upload it to a server so that I can:
1) Stream it on my new membership site.
2) Sell it on my online store.

So I'm looking for someone with at least one professional camera, and specific experience in shooting and editing sales and educational video who is prompt and professional in meeting agreed upon deadlines.

Thanks in advance for your time and thought.Please go to my site for details:

Thank you,
Kamala Devi

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