Friday, June 12

Penguin Dreams

In my dream last night, I was hired to be a high school administrator for an all girls school in Alaska.
First day on the job, I am arranging my office when a bunch of rowdy students come in to taunt me.
"Hey, so your our new principal?"
"I heard you used to direct Tantra theater?"
"That sounds like a bunch of freaks!"
"So now you think you can direct us?"
"Need some help setting up your office?"
Then they gather around my desk and pull it away from me. At first I try holding it in place, but they out-number me and pulled it out of my hands. So I sit there calmly in my chair watching as my desk is dragged across the room. I simply cross my legs and looked at them like..."you don't intimidate me."
When they are done. I stand up, walk across the room and single-handedly pull my desk back to it's proper place.
"You're not going to turn this school into a freak show" the leader of the pack says, she's wearing a black lace top.
I had the impulse to reach across and tweak her nipple to make her squeal, but I thought better of it.
Instead I say, "I'm taking candidates for student body presidents. Please put your name on this list." I hand her a yellow legal pad. "Infact, why don't you all write your names down."
As they huddle around my desk busily writing their names, I pick up the phone and push intercom:
"As your new principal one of the first changes I'm making is to the school mascot. We are no longer going to be the Alaskan Crabs..."
As if on office door opens and in walks an animal trainer with a penguin on a leash...
"This is Goddess Grey our new mascot."
The girls all cheered for the irresistible bird in a tux.
I put on my sun glasses and confidently step out into the white Alaskan landscape.
The dream ended like one of those Hollywood- Stand and Deliver -movies where in the end...the teacher wins and education is considered cool.
I'm not totally clear what it all means, but I'm sure it's related to my new Bliss Coach University:

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