Thursday, June 25

Breaking up is hard to do... (compassionatly)

28 Tantra and Poly peeps showed up for Last nights Pot-luck and Talk, including three Emerald temple virgins! We shared a wonderful feast, then went into the meditation room to dance barefoot before the tantra talk.
The topic was "Compassionate Break ups," something I've been wrestling with alot lately. I was nervous and excited, not only because of the personal nature of the talk, but because it was the first time I would video tape an event for my new online university. It's fascinating to see how my ego got activated by the thought of being watched by unknown people in the nebulous future. Perhaps with more experience in front of the camera, I'll lean to relax and be myself, but for now, I put on a tight black dress, my best face (make up too) and moved through a fair amount of self-consciousness.
I opened the conversation with a story about how my parents had a ruthless and bloody divorce, that involved knives and red nail polish, but it is a hell of a lot more compassionate than if these two people stayed together for the rest of their lives!

Here are some thought provoking notes and questions from the talk itself:
Icebreaker: Who are you in relation to breaking up?
Are there any mainstream examples of mature spiritual and compassionate breakups?
What is the distinction between mongomous breakups and polyamorous "transitions"?
Why does breaking up affect our energy and our personal power?
What is the tantric perspective on relationship? On breaking up?
Why do we welcome change?
How to handle it if our partners are intersted in homosexuality, sensual exploration, BDSM and other new experiences?
Why wanting change does not necessarily mean that you're partner is not enough?
How can we love without owning eachother?
Why the goal is not staying together for ever?
How to create an exit strategy in partnership?
What are some strategies for dealing with painful breakups?
How might we be able to release our past lovers?
Closing circle.

Hope to see you at the next Tantra Talk and Poly Potluck July 29th 2009
If you're intersted in seeing the talk in it's entirety, enroll as an adept at

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