Sunday, June 7

Here's comes the Online Tantra Revolution

Beloved Readers,

The Sedona Daka-Dakini Conference was a meeting place for a lot of movers and shakers in the Tantra Industry. Here's a picture of me with Caroline Muir, Shawn Roop, Joan Heartfield and Thomas Heartfield.

One of the hottest new developments in Tantra is that all the modern western teachers are coming together under one big umbrella to create a social/community site...OneTantra is like a sacred sexual facebook!
As one of the teachers for this site, I'm able to get you the first month free so you could try it out. Also, you'll get the One Tantra Manifesto for free! Check it out and let me know what you think!Just use my link here:

Blessings, Kamala Devi

Once again, go to:

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