Sunday, November 28

Behind the Scenes of Sex Magic

     I’ll be appearing nude on the silver screen in the controversial new Documentary about Baba Dez entitled, “Sex Magic: Manifesting Maya.” Because this film is a brave exploration of sacred sex work, it seems only natural to share my body in the buff...but now that all of my dearest friends, including my mother, agreed to be in the audience, I’m starting to feel a tad vulnerable. Much of the footage was shot in Sedona and Hawaii while I was still nursing, during my sons first year of life.
     My role in the documentary cuts far deeper than physical nakedness. Because Baba Dez is my co-author, friend and lover the story reveals details about my personal life that I hold dear, as well as showing some practices that I don’t necessarily agree with.

     The short summary of the documentary reads: Baba Dez is a polyamorous, sacred sexual healer who’s made love to over a thousand women. When his primary lover (Maya) abandons him due to his “poly” lifestyle, he practices Sex Magic with other women to manifest her back.

     It has recently won the “official selection award” at both Phildelphia and Chicago international film festivals. A reviewer from Philadelphia writes “…Easily the most insane, thought-provoking, balanced, hysterical (although not ALWAYS on purpose) well-crafted doc I’ve seen in years.” Last week on IFC it was ranked # 1 VOD Sales (Video on demand, for documentaries.) Such accolades are unheard of for a documentary that doesn’t revolve around a big name or a current event.

     However, the project has not always been well received. In the 4 years of it’s creation, the doc went through over 15 edits, and unofficial screenings with intense negative reactions.

      I remember when, despite the director’s advice, Dez held a public screening of a rough cut at the Daka-Dakini Conference in Virginia Beach. I am not exaggerating when I say, the audience of 70 sexual healers nearly broke out in a riot! The group pleaded with Dez not to release it. The early versions of this film were criticized for portraying: sex addiction, black magic, rape allegations, breaking traditional family values, objectifying women, and commercializing spiritual work.

      I can only imagine the heat that Dez has taken for making this movie. At recent conferences, I’ve been personally attacked for allowing my son to be shown in an adult content film and had esteemed colleagues judge and condemned me for my decision to collaborate with him.

     I admit, I was not always impressed with the early versions, and I may not agree with all of Dez’s practices, and still may disagree with the some of the director’s choices. However, I maintain unwavering support for innovative art that speaks directly into our cultures darkest taboos. Further, I have witnessed profound growth and healing as a result of this project.

      Last year, I spent the holiday season in Australia with my husband, son, Baba Dez and his lovers Maya and Natasha. We rented a retreat center, worked together, and even took a RV trip through the bush. While down under, we screened a rough-cut of the doc to over 100 people who laughed, cried and had profound revelations. During the various Q & A panel discussions, we deepened our understanding of unconventional family. Maya who's since become like a sister to me, has traveled solo to Bali to continue her deep personal healing and is now writing her own blog and book to release Dez and his enchantment.

      Earlier this year, I held an unofficial screening of a late version of Sex Magic at my home temple with the directors Eric Liebman and Jon Schell. I'm grateful that these sincere documentary-makers gave consideration to the San Diego Tantra community’s feedback before editing the final cut. Just by watching the film, one woman had a full body recall of an early incest experience, and went on to seek peer counseling and expressed deep gratitude to Dez andafterwards.

      As a sexual healer who offers hands-on private sessions, Dez can only touch so many lives. Through writing books and producing movies and traveling internationally, Baba Dez is able to be a more powerful instrument of change on the planet. Dez has also created a broader platform for other sacred sexual healers such as myself, Mare Simone, Kypris Aster Drake, Ariel White, Lawrence Lanoff, Jaiya Ma and Shawn Roop to name just a few in California. I am proud to align with Baba Dez because, though I may not agree with all his teachings, I know he is a powerful visionary who has a clear intention to heal sexual guilt, fear and shame towards sacred sexual liberation on the global level.

I personally can’t wait to see the final cut at the Theaters Dec 3, Dec 4, and Dec 9th at 10pm at the Gaslamp: 701 Fifth Ave.San Diego, CA 92101

If you are not in San Diego you can download it online at:
And tell your friends!

By Kamala Devi, co-author of Sacred Sexual Healing: The Shaman Method of Sex Magic.


Keith said...

You blow me away I love you

Greg said...

Wow, you are courageous and powerful. Thank you for sharing this story and as always being on the healing edge.

alexis said...

So proud of you Kamala. You are a continuous source of inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching this documentary, in Cape Town, South Africa. And I loved it. I ranged from shock to deep admiration to wanting to understand more. You are incredibly brave to share your story, and although some of the concepts in this documentary leave me feeling uncomfortable, sometimes it left me feeling envious of the openness and honesty and manifestation of pure love. I want to thank you for being courageous enough to share.

peter davy said...

A bunch of creepy sexual perverts who will one day feel Gods anger, If the creep came anywhere near me I would smash him

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