Friday, November 19

Devin and the Triple Goddess

Devin LOVES growing up in a poly household! And I LOVE being surrounded by my sister-lover-goddess-aunties. Here's Viraja, Cheri, me and Devin after the Poly Potluck with Taj. I'm proud to have made it into two chapters of her new book!
On Page 23 of "Polyamory in the 21st Century" Anapol writes:
"Kamala's been accused of trying to convert others to
nonmonogamy, trying to prove something to the religious right and taking
advantage of the free publicity to market her books and DVDs. Kamala retorts, "I
have no idea what difference it will make in the long run. What I know is that I
love my life." Kamala says she's motivated by a strong desire to be a voice for
freedom and love in the world. I'm willing to be misunderstood, misquoted or
misrepresented, whateve it takes to makes the world a better place." &
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