Tuesday, November 16

Sacred Sex Show-n-Tell

TJ Bartel & Kamala Devi , Sacred Sexual Healing
My son will be 4 years old this holiday season. I am not only celebrating his birth, but my own humbling rite of passage into motherhood. As a mom, I'm not supposed to be a highly sexualized being. Somehow, it's socially acceptable for me to talk about whether he's circumcised, how long I nursed and when my period to came back.

But it's NOT acceptable to share that my inner labia ripped during my home-birth, and giving birth changed the size and shape of my yoni, the taste of my fluids, the amount of lubrication I produce, the positions I prefer, how long it takes me to orgasm and the type of orgasms I now enjoy.

During my initial postpartum period, I felt broken. I cried to Michael, my midwife, and my mother about my sexual loss. Most women assured me that these were natural changes and that it's normal to have a decrease in sex drive, and they assured me that motherhood had other rewards.

But when my son was 9 months old, I went to see feminist revolutionary Betty Dodson and realized that the cultural messages about my body were... BULLSHIT! For over 30 years Dodson has been holding women empowerment circles and "Genital Show & Tell"events that heal and transform deep wounding that is maintained by a shroud of sexual taboos.

Soon after meeting Betty, I started offering "genital show and tell" groups to my "Sisters in Truth." In the context of sacred circle, we would not only talk about every sexual taboo, but practice yoni gazing, yoni photography and group masturbation.

Recently, I've had many personal revelations in my naked yoga and Quodoshka practices and I am called to offer a these vulnerable teachings within a circle of mixed gender. There are profound sexual healing benefits when we give eachother permission to show and share about our nakedness.

We recently held a profound healing circle at the Advanced Sacred Sexual Healing workshop last month with TJ Bartel. I look forward to collaborating with him more in the near future, and in the meantime, let me know if you want to join us for the next Gential Show & Tell event. .

Love you,
Kamala Devi
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