Sunday, November 7

Sacred Snuggle & Kali Das's Birthday

This picture was taken shortly after Kali Das's Birthday Spanking Ritual and is just a handful of friends and lovers that attended the Nov. Sacred Snuggle. There was a particularly powerful healing vortex at this month's event because it started immediately after the advanced Sexual healing Playshop and Genital Show and Tell with Kamala Devi & TJ Bartel. Next month will be the last Snuggle Party of the year and will have a holiday theme! Look forward to seeing you there.
Kamala Devi or call 858-272-2254
Nov. 13th Naked Yoga (Intermediate Level) 4:30pm
Nov. 18 Poly Potluck with Guest Speaker: Deborah Taj Anapol 6:45
Nov. 19 Poly Talk at Phoenix Goddess Temple 7-9pm
Nov. 20-21 Tantra Theater Intensive at Phoenix Goddess Temple
Dec. 4 Sacred Snuggle Party 6:45 (Last event of the year)
Jan. 17 Auditions and Open House for Tantra Theater Troupe 2011
March 4-6 Art of Conscious Loving with Leah Alchin & Charles Muir!
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