Monday, November 1

Tantra Theater Weekend at the Phoenix Goddess Temple



      Teaching Tantra Theater in NYC filled me with a strong sense of Dharma. This photo depicts the divine masculine nature of my hosts Anton Diaz & Reid Mihalko at the Sacred Sex Round up. Michael (AKA Swami G-spot) and I performed to approx. 70 sexy spirits that evening.  We've since inspired a NYC chapter of Tantra Theater.
      Now, I'm inspired to share these transformative theater tools with the mystic sisters at the Phoenix Goddess Temple.  I'm working with Tracy Elise to create a weekend workshop that is specifically designed for goddess practitioners who want to enhance their trans personal theater skills such as fantasy role play, embodying the archetypes and erotic improvisation.  This will be an 18 hour weekend intensive for the School of One practitioners.  It will be held at the Phoenix Goddess Temple and is open to the public. No theater experience necessary.

     Friday Nov. 19th- A Taste of Tantra Theater. at Temple Friday Nights Series from 7-9pm, This event is by donations only. You will do guided explorations of  formative sacred sexual experiences with partners and small groups. At the end of the evening, you will have the opportunity, but are not required to "perform" in front of the group. This is a healing practice for both participants and observers.

Saturday Nov. 20th & Sunday Nov. 21st   Full day of Tantra Theater Technology from 10am-7pm This event is normally $497, but for the School of one it is being offered at Half price only $247 per person.
     Tantra Theater is a tansformative group process where we delve into personal history and have fun re-scripting the sexual and spiritual stories that have been holding us back. The intensive two day journey involves 18 hours of deep personal growth exercises designed to transform sexual guilt shame and fear into art, healing and liberation.  We'll begin to re-script you spiritual or sexual awakening "Story" into a performance that will inspire the people to heal. This unique event is an entertaining and enlightening whether it's for the screen, stage or for an audience of one.

**Stage presence and confidence
**Break through whatever holds you back!
**An expanded sense of intimate and meaningful sharing
**A keen ability to impact others
**Enhanced presenter skills
**The experience of freedom and joy in your life

     Most of us have an analytical understanding of our story, meaning that we could tell someone our story. However, in the process of using the expressive arts to craft our stories, our paradigm is irrevocably altered. Old suffering is observed and released. Connection is realized. A new consciousness emerges that allows for humorous self-reflection. Ultimately, we experience a greater acceptance of self and a freedom of being. This workshop is especially for you if:

**You have sacred or sexual wounds you'd like to have witnessed and healed.
**You are a teachers or healer in sacred sexuality.
**You want to express yourself on camera or stage.
**You have ever dreamed about performing a one man/woman show.
**You are ready to re-script your reality & experience more sexual liberation!

During the intensive we will practice: tantric meditation and breathing practices, theater-based technologies, movement and improvisational dance, vocal exercises, group processes and live performance.
Kamala Devi is the author of Don't Drink the Punch, Sacred Sexual Healing Coach
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