Thursday, November 11

The Movie "Sex Magic" is Showing at SD Gaslamp on Dec 9th!

Baba Dez is a polyamorous, sacred sexual healer who’s made love to over a thousand women. When his primary lover abandons him due to his “poly” lifestyle, he practices Sex Magic with other women to manifest her back.

A personal note from directors Jonathan Schell & Eric Liebman:

After 4 years, here it is...
We open NYC's IFC Center (the Waverly theater) this weekend! Midnight screenings this Friday and Saturday, and weekday screenings at 4:45.

The film has been rocking festival audiences. Last week in England, they laughed their asses off. 90% LOVED it, 10% hated it, one guy attacked me! They were stealing our posters.

We also just won awards in Chicago and Philadelphia.
Check IFC's website for screening times and trailer,
Here's our website for future dates and cities;


And if you can't make the theater, it's now On Demand at IFC.

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