Tuesday, December 7

Solstice Sabbatical: Statmement of Intent

     It may seem like I'm Hibernating, but really I'm practicing my Yoga.  Winter Solstice is beautiful time to go inward. Because it's cold outside, I either like to go on a triopical trip, or turn up the internal heat! This year, I am taking a writing retreat to complete the following three projects:

1. Interview and script performances for my forthcoming one-goddess show, tentatively titled: "The Sacred Slut Series."

2. Revise and reprintmy novel "Don't Drink the Punch"

3. Update and reprint my book "Sacred Sexual Healing"

I intend to take a sabbatical from sessions & workshops so that I can convert my daily work schedule into writing times. Aditionally, I will to take trips to Orange County to work with my graphic designer, and be flexible when I schedule interviews and hold rehearsals, but I intend to put in a minumum of 20 hours in per week. My goal is to have both books at the printer for before new year and at least 60 pages of Script and 30 minutes of rough performance art.

To accomplish this, I am hereby taking a moratorium on FB and saying NO THANKS to social inviations during my the writing week: (10-6pm on T,W,Th) Wish me luck! Thanks for supporting my art.
Let me know what your Year end Goals and how I can support you.

Happy Holidays!

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