Friday, December 17

Family Photo Time brings up Poly Questions

The Holidays are here and Devin is almost 4 now. We don't usually take photos of Devin with just 'Mom and Dad' because we don't think of ourselves as a nuclear family.  But a media producer asked us for current photos of Devin and Goddess Julie Kondor was able to catch these precious moments on the day of a big interview for a media project on Polyamory.  While in Los Angeles the producers asked a battery of personal questions:
  • What was your path to polyamory?
  • How many other lovers do you have and how often do you sleep with them? 
  • Do you think polyamory is nature or nurture?
  • How do you plan to tell Devin when he's old enough to understand?  
The last question is my favorite. People often assume that someday I'll have to explain what polyamory is to my curious son. I think he knows exactly what it is, because he lives it. We may not co-habitate with any other lovers (yet) but we have no secrets in this house and he sees a healthy dose of afection between us and his "aunties" and "uncles." At some point he will see that the rest of the world is not like us, and I may need to explain Monogamy to him, but he is a bright sensitive boy so I trust he'll adjust easily to a mono-dominant society. My dream is that there will be movies, TV programs and/or cartoons that represent a healthy poly family, so that poly children around the world will see that they are not alone.
Our interview concluded with the producer saying; "perhaps soon you'll be that role model."
I certainly hope so. And I and appreciate your prayers and positive intentions towards conscious poly media. Enjoy these photos

Thanks for your support!
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Rachel M said...

LOVE the photos! And I love that someday you'll have to explain monogamy to him, hee. Perfect. :)

Julie Kondor said...

Thank you, Goddess! It was such fun to spend a day with the family! xoxo-Julie

Kat said...

While my mom entered into a poly relationship when I was 15, it was the BIG family (mostly)secret. My much younger sister still wants to know why I have to share my business everywhere, while I became the outspoken silence breaker. Thank you for role modeling living your truth everywhere & with everyone. While it may seem simple, it may not be easy in this society.