Friday, December 31

Kamala Devi's New Year Reflections

     I'll remember 2010 as the year Lady Kundalini awoke in my sacral chakra. Last January, I returned from the Australian Conference for Sacred Sexual Educators in a desperate healing crisis, with painful thumbs and a sprained sacrum. After seeking numerous healers, the discomfort dissolved into a sublime sexual force in my lower chakras. Unlike other mystical but fleeting experiences I've had in my heart and crown, this arousal seems unshakable. I attribute my constant orgasmic energy to falling in love, doing my dharma, directing Tantra Theater, and developing new depths of connection with my tantric family. Looking back, it has been a wildly creative year!

     On the home front, Michael has successfully established a financially abundant energy conservation company. Devin enrolled in a French immersion pre-school and got his own room. We dramatically re-arranged the Emerald Temple for better Feng Shui. Michael has set up a low-maintenance grey water system for our organic garden, and is having fun creating a thermo-heating spa using compost. He recently modified our loan to reduce mortgage payments and has started building out the garage to make a studio office suite.

     By taking Tantra Theater beyond our back yard, I've started my lifelong dream of running a professional theater company. We scrambled to put on monthly shows at a hip downtown zen center. We also performed in New York, Sedona, Los Angles, SD Earth Day and Burning Man. (We even performed naked at Tantra-Palooza). Michael astounded everyone with the prolific writing of new material for Eco Elf, the green comic and the magical creation of Swami G-Spot. While at the Sacred Sex Round Up we inspired and inaugurated a local chapter of Tantra Theater in New York City.

     Another engaging and ego-confronting project has been co-creating a Hollywood pitch for a show on Polyamory. I'm grateful to all who trusted me enough to work with this independent producer, and for your prayers towards a positive media portrayal of open relationships. Special thanks go to Reid Mihalko the co-author of my Relationship BLACKBELT DVD, who hosted me in San Francisco for a weekend of events starting with the Iron Slut competition and ending with a sacred sex party.

     I took a quantum life changing leap at Tantra Palooza with 64 participants and 10 magical tantra teachers: Francoise Ginsberg, Jaiya Ma, Robert Silber, Ariel White, Mare Simone, Kirin Khalsa, Damien Rose, Reid Mihalko, and Shawn Roop. I 'm also grateful to have collaborated on Tantra Talks and Poly Potlucks with: Dossie Easton, TJ Bartel, Deborah Taj Anapol, and Kelley Bryson.

     I spent Thanksgiving week with my beloved girlfriend doing work study with Tracy Elise at the Phoenix Goddess Temple and am burning with inspiration for my one-woman show: The Sacred Slut Series (Which I intend to perform in March). Another big creative celebration happened at the San Diego premier of the controversial new documentary about Baba Dez entitled, “Sex Magic." Watching my naked body projected on a 40 foot screen in front of over 100 friends was both vulnerable and validating.

     When it comes to visioning the possibilities for 2011, I am still in the soup and feel a great call to surrender. I'm unsure what Spirit will have me do next, but I'm clear it will start with prayer, making love, improvisation and more surrender. The only events we have planned are a weekend with Charles Muir, writing my one-woman show, and Tantra Palooza 11-11-11. Hope to play with you there.


Kamala Devi


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