Monday, May 24

Tantra Theater in Black and White

 The following fun photos are from the Tantra Theater show in downtown San Diego on May 15th. Featuring: Shawn Roop, Joy, Michael McClure, Rita Mooney and Me: Kamala Devi (I'm the one holding my etheric lingam.) Every show is completely new and unique but this show was especially unique for two distinct reasons, it was our first strictly improvisational show (we usually mix scripted personal narrative with improv.) and it was a graduation for Joy (who is one of the tantra theater pioneers) All of the players in these photos are visionaries who've been developing their craft for almost two years now.

For this show, we took audience suggestions and personal stories about taboos such as: Stranger Sex, Moon Time, Shamanic Journeying and lingam lore. We then put audience stories onstage and watched it unfold in unlikely and empowering circumstances. For example, here is a picture of Rita and Kamala celebrating their "moon time" by bleeding into mamma Earth.

This new type of drama is transformative for the players, the audience, and collective consciousness. The best part is that everyone is laughing so hard, the personal growth becomes (mostly) painless!

Mark your calendar for June 19th at 7:30pm. Our next show is going to be another hilarious, historic and transformative healing event. For erotic edu-tainment go to:
Love, Kamala Devi or call 858-272-2254
May 25th Tues. 6:45pm Poly Potluck. Poly 101
June 5th Sacred Snuggle Party
June 15th Tantra Talk 6:45pm
June 19th Tantra Theater Event Downtown

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