Saturday, May 15

Now Auditioning: Tantra Theater Summer 2010

During last night's rehearsal, one of my troupe members had the courage to share that he was triggered by the language and images that I've been using to promote our next round of Tantra Theater. I admit, I'm not the best graphic designer, and I respect his perspective and know that he is voicing his concerns for the sake of collective healing. Infact, the small but powerful attendance at the last audition suggests that there may have been many people scared off by the topic. As controversial as it may sound, I feel strongly that this work be done.

Why did I choose "Dick Dialogues" when thre are many beautiful terms to describe the penis, lingam, vajra or wand of light...
Well, the title was first suggested to me 8 years ago at a sacred Mexican Hotsprings by author and spiritual teacher, Kelly Bryson. The idea has been alive inside me ever since. Just as Eve Ensler reclaimed the term "Cunt" in Vagina Monologues, I believe there are many new age and tantric men who would benifit from reclaiming the power of their "Dick." I feel strongly about this title, but we need synergy of at least 6 players to create this show. I'm excited we still have one more audition and will go back to the drawing board to better promote the idea. I'm sorry if the condom costume offended anyone, but let me know what you think of this new collage. I hope the above poster expresses the reverence I feel towards the sacred rod.
The mission of Tantra Theater is to create performance art that transmutes sexual guilt, shame and/or fear into wholeness and liberation; we celebrate the presence of spirit in every aspect of life's drama. We aim to educate, entertain and enlighten. If you are interested in furthering the "cock conversation" Join us for the free audition/open house in Pacific Beach at 6:45pm on Thursday May 20th. No experience in Tantra or theater necessary. www.TantraTheater.TV
By Kamala Devi, Author of Don't Drink the Punch, Sacred Sexual Healing, Tantra Teacher and Sacred Sex and Open Relationship Coach
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Ccai said...

Kamala,I support you in being steadfast and firm in your purpose, resolution and faith. Dick Dialogues sounds powerful, truthful and confident. It is a good idea to use softer 'artier' images if the language is bold and vice versa. In this case the words are more important and will have a lasting impact, so maybe the images could be diffused a bit. Personally, I found the penis costume cute.