Monday, May 3

Beltaine Birthday Goddess

This is me, after 35 B-day spankings on Beltane.
We had a juicy gathering with about 40 people at our monthly Sacred Snuggle Party. After a yummy vegetarian potluck we called in the 4 directions and lit a Beltane Fire to burn off the old and welcome in our new intentions for the more fertile Spring/summer months. Beltane is a tantric holiday in that it celebrates death and birth and sex and fertility. Traditionally this would be the time of the year when couples would pick their partners and renew their vows. They might jump over the fire to arouse fertility and go off into the corn fields to make love. This is a perfect evening to perform the great rite or Maithuna.
      On this night, my beloved of 8 years presented me with a crown of flowers (Hand picked from Janos & Sarah's garden.) After I was crowned the May Goddess, we practiced the Great Snuggle...which evolved into the great spanking lead by Mistress LN and Bodhi.

 Spanking can be a very sensual, vulnerable and even spiritual experience. One side effect I experienced was a focused mind and expanded heart. And though my eyes were often closed, I could actually tell who was spanking me, by their touch!
Personally, it was an deep and emotional ceremony for not only because of the scorpion full moon, but I am in the midst of a personal healing crisis. I usually take this month to get clear on my goals and priorities for the year. Let me take this opportunity to share my top three goals for the summer season:

1) WELL-BEING: I am vibrant and healthy as I enjoy my daily practice of movement, morning pages and prayer for at least 30 minutes. I am eating at least three fresh vegetarian meals per day, drinking my vitaminerals and taking regular breaks between each hour of work.

2) RELATIONSHIPS: I'm passionately in love with my husband and spending hot weekly date nights with him and other lovers while taking time to bond with my son and enjoy motherhood. My love overflows to share with the community at weekly classes, monthly potlucks, shows and special events.

3) CREATIVITY: I am having a blast directing a bonded collective of healers and performance artists in a monthly downtown show. Over 75 people show up monthly for entertainment and through their active participation, they come away with healing and enlightenment. The experience is valuable and transformative for all involved. Tantra Theater continues to grow online in videos, temples, conferences and festivals nationwide.
Thank you for aligning with my Birthday intentions. I look forward to sharing the love.

By Kamala Devi, Author of Don't Drink the Punch, Sacred Sexual Healing, Tantra Teacher and Sacred Sex and Open Relationship Coach
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