Thursday, May 13

Bring on the Dick Debates!

   In preparation for Tantra Theater's big scripted summertime show entitled: Dick Dialogues, I've been praying, meditating and exploring my own practice of penis worship. When I went on tantric pilgrimage to mother India, nearly every temple contained a huge beautiful phallus which was decorated and celebrated on an hourly basis. However, most temples and teachers insisted the interpretation of the Shiva Lingam as a phallic symbol was a mistake, misnomer or even an act of blasphemy. Even wikpedia hosts a hot debate to disprove that the Shiva lingam is related to a deities dick.

As a middle path tantrika, I aim to practice beyond duality, and so the act of lingam worship is a celebration of BOTH the formless and the form. I've synthesized teachings from ancient tantric scriptures and took artistic lisence to dramatically interpret the following:

God is eternal, omnipresent, and formless.
Since it is hard to grasp abstract consciousness,
God gave us the form of shiva lingam for the benefit
of the tantric, hindu and shiva devotees,
he became this symbol so that we could practice
intimate devotion with the senses of our body.
The Sanskrit term Linga translates to symbol or sign.
Hence the Lingam or penis is a symbol of the all-auspicious universe.
It is a place where consciousness and form are both created and dissolved.
Since, according to Hinduism, it is the same god that creates, sustains and destroys the
universe, the Shiva Linga, represents both the material realm and the indivisible Supreme
Reality. Lingam worship is considered to be the highest form of worship.
It connects a devotee with the supreme consciousness of lord shiva.
Merging with the lingam in it's highest form is merging with the entire universe.
As such, sex is the most sacred form of worship, whether it's sensual or symbolic,
Thus, I say: do it, do it often, and do it with devotion.

If your interested in Auditioning we will be hosting a 2 hour free open house in Pacific Beach tonight and Thursday May 20th at 6:45pm. For details contact:
By Kamala Devi, Author of Don't Drink the Punch, Sacred Sexual Healing, Tantra Teacher and Sacred Sex and Open Relationship Coach


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can girls/women be in it?

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