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Spotlight on Healing: Soul Memory

     I've tried a plethera of holistic/spiritual healing modalities in my life. I talk to crystals, I get high off reiki, I orgasm during shamanic trances, I even enjoy being a pin cushin at my weekly acupuncture sessions. But I recently discovered a unique healing modality that totally takes the cake. It's called, Soul Memory Discovery Process.
      Ellen is a wise and pleasant Jewish elder that was recommended to me by one of my tantra theater players. She sat me down in her little office in La Costa and used a Quartz pendulum to read me like a book. The session left me physically transformed, intellectually intrigued, emotionally expressed and spiritually high. It's too soon to see the long term results, as it's only been a few days, but I thought you'd get a kick out of hearing her story: 

Ellen's Story

My name is Ellen Kaufman Dosick, and let me assure you that I am a relatively normal, traditionally-trained professional person. I am a social worker with undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Chicago, and have been a psychotherapist for over 30 years. I have held very "mainline" jobs throughout my career, serving on the faculty of the USC Graduate School of Social Work, and directing programs and offices of social service agencies. My husband is a rabbi and well-known author, and teaches on the faculty of the University of San Diego.

For approximately 20 years, I suffered from a degenerative auto-immune disorder, that by 1989, had progressed to the point where my doctors told me that I probably had only another 5-10 years to live. Some of my systems were beginning to go into crisis, and I was terribly allergic to most foods.

Feeling desperate for some help, and at the prompting of friends, I went to see a woman who looked at past lives as possible sources of current illness. I didn't believe in past lives, but I figured I didn't have anything to lose.

Roni Reynolds - now of blessed memory - and I sat together for a couple of hours that afternoon. It was an intense session, but at the same time, quite delightful. In my closed-mindedness, I still didn't put too much stock in it, and certainly didn't count on any "results." In fact, I forgot about the session, until...

...Six months later, I returned to my doctor for my semi-annual bloodwork. She looked at the results, and was shocked. She couldn't believe what she saw -- all but one of my blood numbers was in the normal range, and that one was only one point outside of "normal." Somehow, in spite of my dismissal of the session with Roni, I was healing!

The work I did with Roni was the seed process, the infant form, of what has grown into the Soul Memory Discovery process. I decided that I needed to learn how to do this work, and studied with Roni.

Over these past 17 years, the Soul Memory Discovery process has emerged and grown itself, and evolved into a technology that is, in many ways, laser-fine. It will continue to evolve into ever finer forms, as Earth and Humankind evolve.

In 1995, I stopped doing "regular" traditional therapy. Soul Memory Discovery is the only work I do now, because in over 5000 sessions, I have found it to be the most effective change tool I have ever come across.

In 1997, I began teaching the Soul Memory Discovery process to other therapists, healers, clergy, and physicians, and there are now over 350 other Soul Memory Discovery facilitators providing this work around the globe.

This is an awesome process. I am always amazed and humbled by its beauty and power, and I invite you to share it with me!

To Book a Session now! Call Ellen at 760-943-1674 The original source of this article is

How Does a Soul Memory Discovery Session Work?

We know that our bodies hold memories of everything that has ever happened to us in this lifetime. All of our experiences in this lifetime are recorded in our physical bodies -- certainly, in our brains -- and also in various organs, muscles, and cells. We know this when we speak about having a "broken heart," or "shouldering a burden."
Just as our bodies hold memories of everything that has happened for us in this lifetime, so our electro-magnetic fields -- our auras -- hold memories of everything that has ever happened for our souls.
If we think of the soul as that eternal part of us that will go on long after we are done with these bodies, then we can imagine that these souls were doing something before they came into these bodies. Our souls come to us, clothed in their own histories, and we carry the memories of those histories in our auric fields.
In the Soul Memory work, when we do a polarity balance, and create sacred space, we are able to access all those memory banks. And the wonderful thing about this is that we can then find the origins of any issue, or complex of symptoms -- be they physical, emotional, spiritual, patterns in our lives, or even entire belief systems.
And once we find the origins of the issue -- which we can easily do in just a few minutes, there is a very simple release process, which lifts those origins out of the system. This process is swift, gentle and sacred. And once the symptoms are no longer being sourced, they dry up and they go away.
All information is accessed through logical "yes-no" questions. And all of this is accomplished in just one session, that is between 2 and 3 hours in length. The changes that take place through a Soul Memory Discovery session are life-enhancing and permanent.
It is that simple.

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