Monday, May 17

Magic Wand Wonderings:

My Thoughs on Dick Dialogues
 by Shawn Roop.

Thanks for addressing this topic, not only as the next Tantra Theater Program, but also as a life issue.

I have done much to reclaim personal empowerment around my sex and body. The issue for me is the continued oafish nature many offer to men and their genitals. There has been a social joke that's been ongoing around men and their genitals for lifetimes.

The earlier nickname for the male member is a cock, because of the back and forth movement during intercourse, which is said to resemble a male chicken strutting about. The Arabic word for rooster or male chicken is “deek”. Back in the day, Richard was one of the most common names. Richard got shortened to Rick, and Rick turned into Dick. Dick became a sort of "every man"" thing, and sometime around the 1890s some British Army coined the term dick to mean penis, calling recruits “Dicks” or Dick Heads”.

I understand most every man has a penis. So Dick Dialogs could translate to “The Common Man or Everyman Dialog” and cock’s original meaning was "a male bird".

The term was later applied to aggressive people because of the similarity of behavior to the fighting birds. This is where the word "cocky" comes from. Another characteristic of the birds was the upright posture. Because of this, the word came to mean "something that sticks up". This is where we get the expression "cocked ear".

I feel these names are outdated, non-conscious and don’t speak to me as a man. For the show, to raise awareness beyond the old…

Penis Passion Passages

Magic Wand Wonderings

Here is a great article you may enjoy, I did…

I love you and wanted you to understand my reasons. Rather than making right and wrong, I just wanted to share my feelings so you could know me better! Thank you for your strength, beauty and passion!
Be well!


Anonymous said...

I am so totally there with you Shawn. I think that dick dialogs is a cute alliteration and a clever take off on vagina monalogs, but it doesn't do justice to the stature and outward magnificence of the lingum. I soooo support the project of giving authentic voice to male sexuality and would like for it to have a name that supports our sensitive and powerful nature.

in love, Adam

Mead said...

Great start!

You know you can make that link live with the little globe icon...

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