Friday, April 23

What's Your Story?

This is the graduating class of Tantra Theater. We are now auditioning for the next 90 day journey. No experience is necessary. Infact, Kamala Devi prefers to work with newbies and novices than trained thespians. You must exhibit an open mind towards subjects of sexuality and spirituality, a flexibility and willingness to be directed, an positive orientation towards teamwork and stability in other areas of your life such as financial and relationship. In order to access your compatibility we invite you to attend an audition/open house where you can meet Kamala Devi and the rest of the cast and see if you resonate. Our next Open house is May 13th and the show will be called: Dick Dialogs.
What's your story? We invite you to explore your relationship with the lingam, penis or dick, oncamera or on stage. The journey involves at least 9 weekly rehearsals and a private session that culminate in a public showcase on Aug. 21st. And a video recording of 5-10 minutes of a polished performance which you can show your friends and lovers. This first gathering is an audition where Kamala Devi will access your willingness and you can see if you like Kamala's directing style. Course runs: 6:45pm on Thursdays Jan. 21st; Feb 4th,11th,18th; March 4th,11th,18th; and April 1st, 8th and 15th. Course fee of $497 includes 2 hours of private coaching, DVD of your performance, graduation party and optional attendance to an additional 6 comedy improv classes. or visit
If you are interested in performing in the Monthly Tantra Theater Improv Show, you must have graduated from at least one 90 day TT journey and attend two mandatory rehearsals prior to the show. Rehearsals are on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 6:45 at the Emerald Temple. We also have a 5pm Call time to rehearse before the actual show. We will hold one decompression and planning meeting for the cast and crew on the Last Thursday of the month at 6:45pm.
In order to become a part of the professional troupe you must have taken at least two tantra theater journeys and must be in frequent attendance at Tuesday's rehearsal and have performed in at least 3 professional shows. In extraordinary circumstances the director may make a powerful exceptions to the above rules, please discuss with Kamala if you cannot meet these agreements.
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