Wednesday, April 21

Bee Medicine

       I stepped on a Bee at Earth-day. Michael sucked the stinger out of the sole (soul) of my left foot, but I couldn't sleep a wink last night. It happened right after leading a prayer circle to Mamma Earth, I was rushing off to our next performance. So I asked my Facebook friends: what do you think it means?
     Here are the responses I got:
Amrita Joy Ananda Ma the message from Bee is "BE" maybe the challenge is to be present even in the moment of rushing?...

Joy Nelson "Bees are the symbol of fertility and sexuality.
Its honeycomb, a hexagon, is the symbol of the heart and represents the sweetness of life found within our own heart. It is also the symbol of the sun and all its energies.
The bee reminds us to extract the honey of life and to make our lives fertile (productive) while the sun shines. No matter how great the dream is, there is the promise of fulfillment if we pursue our dreams....
If a Bee has shown up in your life, examine your own productivity. Are you doing all you can to make your life more fertile? Are you busy enough? Are you making time to savor the honey of life and not becoming a workaholic?
The Bee is the symbol of accomplishing the impossible. Aerodynamically, its body is too large for its wings and should not be able to fly. Although now we understand how it does fly (high rate of wing movement), the Bee remains a symbol of accomplishing anything you put your mind to.
In Hinduism, the Bee relates to Vishnu, Krishna or Kama, the God of Love. In Egypt, the Bee symbolized royalty. In Greece, it was the symbol of the Eleusinian Mysteries. The Celts associated the Bee with hidden wisdom."
This is the information I have about the bee as a totem animal...considering his impressionable grand entrance, take note of what you were doing at the time... what were you thinking, how were you that exact moment... I would say there is a message there...
From my heart to yours, Joy
Nathan Darling:  It means you are lucky to have Michael.

Patrick M. McGee- Russell ... A bee sting ... traditionally a doorway to the world of the "Dreamcatcher" ... the world of endless walking/waking dreaming ...

Paul Anthony:  It means that Tracey couldn't have been far away. :)

Robyn Talbott:  Lavender oil works wonders for bee stings! 

SaRina Daly-Goode: And It was on Earth Day when Kamala Devi received of the BEE Medicine - Empowered Alchemy of Sharper Vision, Community Leadership, Humming Love, all this with sharp and sweet tongue. And it was on Earth day that devotion, care, and support was celebrated by a man taking care of his beloved. And on this day- Mama Earth was blessed with all of her creatures. Knowing each moment consist of pain, love, joy, suffering, wonderment and awe.

Nathan Darling Wow SaRina, what a beautiful way you have of putting it altogether.

John McP It means ... watch where you're stepping, especially if you have bare feet! FWIW, a girl I dated got a little drunk and crazy on graduation night at her college, and was running around in bare feet, at night. Meanwhile, some of her fellow students were throwing glass bottles and breaking them. You can guess what happened. I spent part of that night pulling glass shards out of her bloody feet!

Sarah Murraynovak: Why shoes were invented, darling. Well, that and other fetish-y type reasons...

Deborah Anapol: The best medicine for a bee or wasp sting is to pee on it ... as soon as possible. Really works!

Tracey Lontos yup....that bee stilng was probably meant for me! thanks for taking one for the team Kamala!

Kamala Devi My foot is still hurting...but my heart is singing from all the well wishes and attention... thanks for the bee poetry!

Anita DeFrancesco it means you shouldn't rush..........

Joy Phoenix Bees are my heros, it is scientifically proven that they cannot fly, they don't care a bit.

Kamala Devi One of my Tantra Theater Players just peed on my foot in hopes of helping me sleep tonight...I will pray to the bee Deva to help me experience more Be-ingness and to savor the nectar of life. But my nature tends to be more like busy little worker who flies despite the arodynamic impossibility!

Jeffrey Bloom Focus on The "Nectar"!

Nathan Darling I really want to know if the pee idea worked.

Renee Airya this happened for me last year. i thought it was a good sign of soaking up abundance :) i love bees and their medicine and tings are good for your immune system (unless of course you are allergic!)
J Bradley Wadsworth: You're angry at someone or something. Who do you want to "sting" right now?


James said...

The foot represents understanding and the left side is the receptive yin side. You were rushing and working very hard when you were stung and the bee is reminding you that you are a part of a huge tribe, be willing to receive assistance, be vulnerable and delegate. When we share both the labor and the rewards, the load is lighter, life is sweeter and more enjoyment is possible for the whole colony. I love that your husband kissed your foot, adding his spirit to your sole/soul.

Joy Nelson said...

I am so happy to have literally stumbled across this! You really embraced this process! Beautiful...

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