Sunday, April 25

Visioning for Tantra Palooza

Announcing the new line up of 10 national tantra teachers who will come together under ONE BIG TOP TENT at a gorgeous natural location in the hills of Escondido, CA called The Hidden Valley Retreat and Spa for Columbus day weekend (Oct. 8th Fri.-Mon. 11th.) This historic natural estate was originally devoted to health and healing and offers an 11-acre garden paradise with miles of rock lined walking trails, fountains, orchards, and gardens where our participants can enjoy the pool, spa, game room, hiking, and ofcourse hours of transformative tantra teaching. We're excited to be featuring: David Cates, Francoise Ginsberg, Jaiya Ma, Katie Weatherup, Kirin Khalsa, Liquid Bells, Reid Mihalko, Robert Silber and Shawn Roop. During the evenings we will have pujas, parties and performance art by San Diego tantra theater on the outdoor ampatheater under the oak trees. The retreat will be limited to 65 participants. The tuition price $497 price includes lodging in the rustic retreat and there is a $100 early bird Special for those who register Now.
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Shawn Roop with TantraQuest in San Diego said...

Yes, come join us and explore in this retreat style experience! Sounds so awesome!