Tuesday, April 13

Humming birds

     There are two hummingbird spirits in our Shamanic Storytelling Show this Saturday... Infact one of our performers carries the spiritual name Colibri which means hummingbird in Spanish. AKA Chupa Rosa which literally translates to Suck Roses. Which got me thinking, what is the spiritual significance of a humming bird? I enjoyed reading this article by Judy L. Evridge called: Hummingbird as a Guardian Spirit? 
      I'm also hoping to inspire Sarah our Tantra Theater set designer to paint a humming bird for the show. I love the color of the first picture, but want to see her flying to the right as pictured in the last three images. Enjoy 

     Hummingbirds are native to the mountains of South America, early Spanish explorers gave the hummingbirds the name Joyas voladoras,which means "flying jewel". With their bright iridescent colors no name could have been more fitting! In the eighteenth Century they were assigned their own family: Trochilidae, from the Greek trochilos, meaning small bird.
     Totem is an Algonquin word used by anthropologists and others to define the hereditary symbol of a tribe, clan, people, or a family. This symbol, usually an animal (but sometimes a plant), is considered to be an ancestor of the tribe. It is a beast which possesses special wisdom of descendants.
    A Totem can also be associated with an individual. It can be a persons guardian spirit. Those who believe in Totems, believe that a Hummingbird as an Animal Totem:

  1. Has the Ability to heal by using light as a laser from it's mouth
  2. Has Endurance for long journeys
  3. Has the Ability to fly into small places to heal
  4. Brings Joy, Happiness and Love.
     The hummingbird being the tiniest of all birds is thought to bring "special" messages. What is the hummingbird's message for us all? It is thought that the hummingbird teaches us malleability or compliance. To "roll with the punches" and adapt to whatever life may hand us! To accept life as it is, and make the most of a bad situation! And to never, never look back at what might have been.

        A hummingbird person sees beauty in all that surrounds them and finds much joy in sharing that beauty with others. They have a talent for seeing the pleasant side of people and refuse to be put off by a grumpy or abrupt exterior, feeling certain that they will find kindness and beauty beneath the cantankerous mask.

       The hummingbird person is very energetic and free spirited! If restricted or restrained, they may suffer periods of deep depression and feelings of hopelessness.

    Soucre: Hummingbird as a Guardian Spirit? by Judy L. Evridge.

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