Tuesday, April 20

Reviews for Tantra Theater

We are seeking testimonials from audience from Saturday's Shamanic Storytelling Showcase.  The following comments were overheard on FACEBOOK or shared during the Q &A. I will be posting them with pictures on http://www.tantratheater.tv/. Can't wait to hear from you.

Jo Balms: It was an amazing and inspiring night. thank you for sharing in such a profound, meaningful, and FUN way! Looking forward to the next one :)

Katie Weatherup: I was delighted with the show. Deep, fun, rich. As a professional Shaman, it was wonderful to watch my work onstage. You represent well, I wouldn't have changed a word.

Amrita Joy Ananda Ma: You were wonderful. "I was suprised by how much emotion I felt seeing myself enacted in the performance."

Alexis: Shawn, I loved your heart-felt 'story' of sharing! you 'gave' sooo much ;-)

Janos Novak: Kamala, Four words comes to my mind about your performance, TIE ME UP and AMAZING! Shawn, great singing. Akasha, I see you in your truth, you were stunning. Sarah you are beautiful onstage and offstage!

Cheri Reeder: I loved all the performances and at one point it was so beautiful, I had tears streaming down my face.
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