Monday, October 12

October Potluck, Performance art and Sacred Snuggle Party

The evening was cold and since it gets dark early we decided to start the show before the potluck.  We had a great turn out with approx 30 eager friends and lovers in the audience.
Thank you: Shawn, Joy, Ember, Michael and a big warm welcome to Heidi for stepping out on stage for the first time. We put on an awesome show ( I think the hour and a half of rehersal paid off!)
And we tried a new theater game: Your sacred sexual Awakening onstage! In this game, we asked several audience members to stand up and tell us about a sacred sexual awakening and then the tantra theater troupe would spontaneously act out the stories on stage. 
For example, Cara talked about her fantasy of meeting an older more experience couple and being invited into their bedroom to learn.  And then Shawn and Ember stepped as Buffy and the professor (smoking a pipe) But ultimately Ember was scared away when she found out the professor hadn't changed his depends. 
Thanks to all for making it such a fun and memorable evening. 
Here's a photo from our last night in the tantra tent.  We're taking it down for the rains.  Since our backyard stage is out of commission through the winter I'd like to start looking for local performing venues such as the universities and downtown stages...anyone want to help scout for space?
Thanks to all, for your support and inspiration!

Kamala Devi By Kamala Devi, Author of Don't Drink the Punch, Sacred Sexual Healing, Tantra Teacher and Sacred Sex and Open Relationship Coach

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