Tuesday, October 13

Test Cover for Intstructional DVD on Polyamory

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Michelle Ropczycki

Looks hardcore S&M ish.
Brandé Faris
HARDCORE? Really? It looks like lighthearted, playful fun role play to me.
Joy Phoenix
I agree, it screams S&M not polyamory. If I knew nothing about polyamory looking at this cover I would assume it involved B&D
Norm Kerlin
(Bodhi Dharma) First thought: "And the problem is...?"
Second Thought: Marketing is about the eyes of the beholder, not the eyes of the marketer.
Stacy Elizabeth
the bondage appearing elements over power the polyamory elements, in my opinion. its going to require the consumer to take a slow, longer look at the cover... when most will likely only give it a quick glance.
Elizabeth FabuLiz Hahn
S&M is the first thing I see. Hard Core Bondage. Reminds me of my dungeon days. Knowing you both so well, it does not digest correctly. LOVE YOU
Avalon Avlyset
Gotta agree, there is another photo of just you and Reid together that is very sweet instead of S&M-ish. Love you both....all? :)
Brandé Faris
After viewing the picture and reading these posts, it has become very clear to me that I have a quite different working knowledge of what Hardcore S&M/Bondage is than the above posters do. Heh. We humans are so interestingly diverse!
Allison Moon
I think it would look more lighthearted, and less S&M-y if it were in color.
The black and white reminds me of Madonna's truth or dare, but not in such a good way. .. .
Robyn Talbott
KD, it's spelled "monogAmous." Signed, your spell checker
Amy Thornton
i agree that color would help this photo....I don't really see the S&M vibe here myself, but I suppose I could see how other people do.
mmm, i have some ideas too...let me know if you'd like me to whip up something for you...would love to revisit my graphic design days...xo

This photo was submitted by one of our fans, Jaime, Thank you for taking our ninja photo and running with it. Based on all your feedback, I'm putting together a poll so you can vote on the best DVD Cover. This is so much fun!

Since many people said the last draft looked too "Hard core BDSM." Let usknow if this looks more innocent. I didn't even think about the BDSM affect until you offered your reflections. I am not a graphic designer, and ultimatley Reid will be doing the cover art. I'm just playing with the photos we took last weekend to consider some possiblities. Maybe we should hold a poll and open it up to customer feedback ... Read Morebefore we make the final decision. So, I selected a more "innocent" looking photo, let me know what you think of this one.
Namaste, Kamala Devi

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jamielove said...

wait wait i'm finally getting that this is a remake of that old movie...kinda like the innocent faces...xoJ

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