Saturday, October 10

A conference for sacred sexual healers, teachers and practitioners

You were missed at the Daka-Dakini East coast conference this year. It was held in a quirky 90 year old Inn by a lake in the Catskills, upstate New York. We had approximately 50 people in attendance from all over the country and several New Zealand representatives there. (I'm guessing about 10 people from NY and perhaps the same 10 people who were totally new to the conference.) The official theme of the conference was: Creating alliances, raising consciousness and cultivating professionalism. But the theme that spontaneously arose during this gathering was: a reunion of kindred souls. It felt as if a unique constellation of spiritual people came to earth to help anchor the experience of sacred sexual awakening. The Keynote presenters were Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross. Mistress and Master of Ceremonies Barbara Carellas and Baba Dez Nichols.
This conference was unique because we took over the entire inn and didn't have to interface with "muggles." Reid Mihalko was the official conference coordinator and charted a bus to pick us up outside Grand Central Station on Thursday. We met with about 20 sexual healers, educators and practitioners under the empire state building. The bus came late due to a flat tiered (we should've suspected something was wrong) But we loaded up and excitedly boarded and started introducing ourselves. What a quality group of people, the vast majority of whom have been to the conferences in the past so there was a lot of catching up to do. We spent most the trip playing musical chairs so that we could talk, massage, snuggle and connect on the FIVE AND A HALF hour ride up. The trip was supposed to be under two hours, but the fuel injector broke. We pulled over to the shoulder and drove about 15 MPH for over 30 minutes. What's a fuel injector do? I asked to which I got the humorous response: "In tantric terms, it's as if this bus is preserving it's seed." Ah. That explains everything. Lisa brought a bunch of percussion instruments and a small group jammed in the back of the bus nearly the entire trip. Nobody seemed to mind the extra time to connect. I personally enjoyed connecting with sexy birthday-girl Betty Martin, luscious Athena Lund, the affectionate Carla Tara and I finally met the much admired Anton Diaz. But ofcourse my favorite person to travel with is my beloved hubby Michael.
It was dark when we arrived at the groovy little inn which seemed designed to host small Jewish weddings. The catered dinner was yummy and then Lawrence Lanoff led a beautiful trance dance activation series in a small hot room where the participants played in varying states of was ecstatic!
Meanwhile Reid ran around like a chicken trying to accommodate late arriving guests who's rooms were needing repair. Broken door handles, sloping beds, leaking ceilings, no heaters were just a few of the complaints. The inn was run by a sweet Mafioso type named Keith who was understaffed.
Opening circle was simple: let's take a few breaths together and then dive in...There were about 20 presenters and lots to cover in only 45 minutes each! The highlight of the weekend was the sheer QUALITY of the presentations. Even speakers who I had heard before and wasn't too impressed with, have clearly grown into powerful presenters. See picture below for an idea of the amazing line up:


Hope to see you at the Daka-Dakini Conference WEST next May in Sedona when I MC with Shawn Roop. Kamala Devi, Author of Don't Drink the Punch, Sacred Sexual Healing, Tantra Teacher and Sacred Sex and Open Relationship Coach
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