Tuesday, October 20

Laugh now...We'll see who's laughing later...Introducing the "Now Shower!"

"Water is a precious resource, So, if it's yellow leave it Mellow If it's brown flush it down. Namaste"

     This sign is posted above the toilet paper dispenser in the bathrooms at the Emerald Temple.  My husband, Michael (AKA the Eco Elf) is a passionate environmentalist. He's been featured on TV and radio news for his creative and sometimes ourtrageous environmental ideas. His purpose as a pioneer in the green movment is to create, impliment and educate people on solutions that are not only sustainable but beautiful, and affordable.
      For me, it is not always easy being green.
      As an urban tantra teacher, baths and showers are not only practicle, but an energetic necessity and bath-time is known to be a transcendental practice of going back to the womb. So the running joke in our household is that we have our guests conserve water so that the goddess can take longer showers.

     Yesterday, Michael found a new and unusual solution called the "Now Shower" that allows me to take long guilt-free showers! This new idea is sure to raise many eyebrows, as it did mine. 
     At first people always laugh: when we started feeding our organic garden with grey water from the washer machine, or waxing our floors with local beeswax. But, they usually stop laughing when they learn about the toxins in their carpets or see how the ocean's been devestated by run-off polution. And I have to admit, it took me a while to get used to line drying clothes and handwashing dishes, but ultimately I feel more connected to the elements.
     So Michael installed this new showerhead into my bathroom and he told me that I'd be one of the first public tests in America to pilot this eco technology.  
     Here's how the Now shower works:
I get undressed, and place the special drain plug over the tub drain to create a pool of water, turn the "Now Shower" on. It uses jet pump action to recycle a high volume of filtered shower water. This creates a luxurious, soothing waterfall like shower. (Optionally, I was told i can add scented bath gel for a sensual aromatherapy experience.) After finishing, I unplug the jet pump and get a final rinse and drain the tub. Here's a picture of one of the prototypes.
     The big advantage is that the "Now Shower" saves energy! "Instead of dumping heated water right down the drain, the heat energy is recycled each time it is recirculated by the jet pump. The promoters claim that The ample 3 gpm shower uses only 1 gpm! The average family of 5 will save 20,000 gallons of water per year. That's a 10% reduction in total household water use!"
     Yet, the obvious conceren is that I'm bathing with recycled bath water.  It may be different than what I'm used to but when I realized that it's really no different than sitting in a tub of my own bath water, I found it quite comforting.  It's a new expirement, and I'm sure there will be a few quirks to work out, but in the meantime I'm am enjoying my "urban waterfall" as Tantra Teacher Shawn Roop has been known to call it.
      The product can be viewed at http://www.wowshower.com/whatisit.htm in order to purchase, you may have to call as the order page doesn't work yet. 509-493-3850 mellis@wowshower.com If you have any local environmental questions you can contact Michael at michael@ecoelf.com or contact the creators:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this . Im on well watre and its running out . Im going to look into this and maybe get one. I hope you guys are doing great . I miss seeing you and knowing you . Take care, Tony

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