Friday, June 10

WISH LIST for One Woman Show

     With less than a month to go before the opening of the Sacred Slut Show, my coach told me to put on my play glasses.  They're like the blinders that horses wear in races so they don't get distracted (or spooked.) So now, all I see is the show.  (Farewell to practicing presence and witnessing the beauty of truth as it miraculously unfolds before me.) All I see now is myself standing onstage at the MOXIE naked with about a hundred supportive friends and lovers in the audience.  (Of course, imagining them naked also helps.) But to make this dream a reality I've got some work to do. So thought I'd post this blog as a request for help, or if you simply want to align your intentions with my highest vision.
     My purpose in creating this show is to honor several magnificent women and the splendor of their sacred sexual work in the world. Using oral history, dance, song and poetry I want to illuminate the eternal and diverse gifts of the sacred prostitute.
     In order to do so, I have an short list of what will support my storytelling:
1) Sound designer, someone who knows 'garage band' and can splice together a few simple instrumental songs.
2) A costume designer for an ancient Sumerian priestess/prostitute bodice that is fabulously sexy and Tailor made
3) Make up Table and Vanity Mirror
4) 4 post canopy Bed
5) A variety of quality wigs (Specifically a big red curly wig.)
6) Seven tall single candle holders, a cauldron and a fabulous goddess altar.
7) Most importantly:

Seeking professional Theater Director for Radical Goddess Play

San Diego Tantra Theater Company is looking to hire a skilled director to collaborate on new material with edgy sexual and spiritual content. We’re offering a modest compensation for a spiritually minded stage director to co-create a one-woman show. The company publicizes its productions well, will guarantee an audience, and has a volunteer crew and other resources. We hope to hire a director ASAP as the show is scheduled to run July 7,8,9 at the Moxie theater.

I’m an experienced writer/performer and the founder of San Diego Tantra Theater ( and. my latest work contains material that is often compared to the Vagina Monologues. I’ve written and produced over a dozen plays in Phoenix, Honolulu and LA.

I’m currently looking for someone to offer outside creative direction as well as manage all technical production aspects of a full length, one-woman show. Your commitment will require at least 2 to 3 rehearsals per week for the next 4 weeks, but the Director is not necessary to attend every show... just 2 tech rehearsals. The pay and rehearsal schedule are negotiable. This is also great showcase for your work and name in San Diego. If you are experienced and SERIOUSLY interested, please send your resume, photo and a short message why you'd like to direct this play.

Title: "The Sacred Slut Show"

SYNOPSIS: The show is an embodied exploration of sacred prostitution told through a tapestry of personal narrative, dance, prayer, poetry and interviews. The language and tone will span the full spectrum from sacred to the profane. It will juxtapose modern session-work with ancient myths and sufi poetry. I intend to represent a variety of faces of the Eternal Goddess as she was, will be and is now. The performance will be conducted in the context of interactive ritual with the audience, opening and closing with an invocation and benediction to the Goddess.

July 7th - 9th
Moxie Theater in La Mesa
Doors Open at 7pm
Admission: $20 presale Tickets:
$25 at the door.

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