Tuesday, June 28

I'm ready for my close up...(Almost!)

Janos Novak really gets into the spirit of Tantra Theater as he designs the set for my forthcoming Sacred Slut Show. Here he is preparing a 7 foot Japanese style scree with gold leaf. Sarah Murray Novak (who probably took the picture) will soon paint the screen with a large Japanese style cherry blossom tree. This artistic couple has helped with everything aesthetic from lighting to costumes.  Here's another shot of the screens being primed for the Moxie stage. The show opens in just 10 days! 

I am eagerly rehearsing, and preparing...infact here is a candid picture of me rehearsing at the Novak's downtown artist studio. So far in the process, the most ego confronting process has been in my interviews and consultations with the five amazing women that I've chosen to feature in this show. It's such an honor to represent these women who have all been mentors to me.

I am nervous about what they will say when the hear what I am saying about them.  So far these conversations have been AMAZING and ENLIGHTENING.  For example, in my recent performance for Mare Simone, she spontaneously said:

"I've come to think of My Amrita as a teacher, it has a wisdom consciousness, and without reverence for the nectar of the goddess, she will not flow."

These women's stories are bursting with wisdom, I can't wait to share them with you onstage soon, and I sincerely hope you'll join me for the show on July, 7,8,9. PLEASE Support me and get your tickets early!

Get $5 if you buy tickets before Friday. 

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