Tuesday, June 21

Hot Summer Solstice Updates for The Tantra Sutras

Here are my deep and dirty status updates for the hot summer season. With Love, Kamala Devi

• Sexual wholeness starts when she stops trying to stuff a square peg into a round hole.

• Outwardly, I love lingams. Inwardly, I love yonis. And sometimes I get so impassioned I can't keep them apart.

• Where would you be if your wildest fantasy was was not in your head?

• When my chiropractor heard that my neck injury came from oral sex, he gave me a high five.

• If I don't feel like caressing my breasts, undressing slowly, and adoring my own blossoming body, how can I expect someone else to?

• One of the greatest obstacles to my sexual liberation is the fear that everyone will fall in love with me.

• There is no substitute for the succulence of the forbidden fruit.

• I confess, I'm shameless. But guilt free and blameless, because your sexual innocence is so pure, try as I might, not even I can corrupt it.

• If my eyes are the windows to my soul then my yoni is the doorway.

• My heart aches not from the loss or lack of your love, but from having held back my own.

• If I had to describe the way I feel about you on a multiple choice test I'd circle F. all of the above.

• It's natural for the yoni to get sore after a long night of sex, but how about the heart, have you ever felt bruised and achy from loving so much?

• You activate my wetness... and the tears that flow in your presence are so much sweeter than the tears stimulated by sorrow.

• My heart is ripping clear down the center. I come to you for help, and your most compassionate response is to brandish a meat cleaver.

• My heart aches so much, I'd rather talk about fashion, weather, sports -- anything but love.

• What are you clinging to? Attachments are sticky. Releasing the grasping is not enough, it isn't until we open fully to all the love around me that the fixation falls away.

• When spirit takes form as the beloved, it's only to serve as a doorway.

• I prayed for the goddess to speak through me, and then I lost my voice.

• They say it's rude to point, but every attempt to describe the divine is but an inadequate indicator. I'm sure by now, my constant pointing has pissed off the creator.

• God is boundless, yes, but she is also found within the boundaries and honored in the act of setting them.

• I ask to love as God loves. God laughs at the thought that there is any other way.

• There is a delicate art to seeing the Divine in the person before you. The amateur blindly projects their god concepts onto them while the adept simply sees the beloved as they are.

• I am possessed with the desire to see with your eyes, touch with your skin, even taste with you tongue. God, it's going to take an exorcism to untangle us.

• How can the atheist stand before a mirror and still disbelieve God?

• I don't believe in Miracles, I live one.

• Each moment is like a twist on the kaleidoscope, offering magnificent designs except without the symmetry (and squinting is optional.)

• I love waking up. It's more fun than dreaming, that's the real reason I keep going to sleep, not to dream, but for the love of waking.

• You may see my life and think that I'm chasing pleasure, but I assure you, this ecstasy became sustainable only when I stopped running away from pain.

• Though it sounds like circular logic, I've been attached to being detached and am finally feeling ready to let it all go.

• Being in my body is my favorite place to be, unless there is pain, and then I'm grateful for the awareness that I exist beyond this form.

• Somewhere along the path, I walked into a labyrinth. Today, without ceremony, the way in, simply turned into the way out.

• I'm writing the story of when Shakti meets Shiva, but this time it's in San Diego, 2011.

• Western Non-dual Tantra for idiots: God sucks and God blows (and sometimes bites.)

• Every guru at some point must step off the pedestal, but not every seeker will follow them to the toilet.

• Sometimes I daydream about a strong tantric dominatrix bending me over their knee and demanding: "Who's Your Deity?"

• Whenever I get a hangover from too much spiritual practice, my interpretation is that god is rearranging furniture and I am bumping into things in my own temple.

• The sacred simply will not be defiled.

• If all the worlds's a stage, who's the audience?

• Producing a play about the prostitute/priestess is a much richer experience when I practice playing her off stage, at home, around town, all the time.

• Artistically speaking, the wheel may have already been invented. But the world has never witnessed a bisexual, poly, tantra mamma 'get off' on reinventing it, onstage.

• I'm dancing the dangerous edge between inspiration and obsession. As a result, my art waxes poetic/pathetic.

• I may not consider myself an intellectual, but I can bullshit with the best of them.

• To those who want to minimize my love so your light appears brighter: Good Luck. Real radiance starts when you stop managing others, and be you.

‎• I've been kicked off Facebook three times. I learned my lesson. The moral of the story is don't post photos of men in ski masks playing with blow up dolls.

‎• This is my frustrated cry for help from the machine:
Sorry, I don't speak technology, so, I hope it doesn't piss off the pope or anything.

• Just because I love everyone, doesn't mean I want to fuck them. (But as long as no one gets harmed in the process, I appreciate the freedom to do so if I chose!)

• Michael loves me through sex, through service, through our son, even through sharing me with other lovers. He loves me through and through.

• We've shared each others lovers, that kind of bond runs deeper than buying a blood diamond.

• Some people only have room in their heart for one. Mine is built like a sprawling Estate and there's a special suite by the garden, big enough for you and whomever you want to invite. If you don't want it, you'll be missed, but nothing stays vacant for long around here.

• Feeling that you are being loved warms my heart; I don't personally have to be doing the loving, to know I am always the one loving.

• I am burdened with the abundant gift of falling irresistibly in love with whomever my Lovers are loving.

• This craving to be met only becomes possible when I cease demanding it from one person and let the universe see, hear, feel and get me.

• To fall in love with me requires that you love my husband, son, a tribe of lovers that are constantly coming and going, for I am not separate from them. How about a whole community of touch-hungry tantrikas? And India, Japan...Can you love that big? ...How about the whole of mamma Earth?

• I may adamantly insist that we do not belong to each other, but I'm equally certain that we must belong together.

• Beyond the boxes of friends, snuggle buddies, primary partners, married...we are in essence, lovers. The tantric Relationship is not a container, but an organic evolving synergistic co-creation.

• We humans have so much in common that relationships would be boring if it weren't for the constant game of denying our less desirable qualities, projecting them onto others, and judging each other for them. ;)

• I'm eternally grateful for the deep familiar recognition that I feel from strangers I've not yet met.

• Resentment in relationship is like the black stuff on toast. There's a point at which the toast is so burnt, it's not even worth scraping.

• If you weren't for my self righteous judgment and your unworkable personality quirks, we would be spectacular together. Alas, I'll settle for awkward strangers.

• I want a bumper sticker that reads: Sacred sex is the solution. There are precious few interpersonal issues that can't be resolved by conscious love making.

• This has nothing to do with me, and it's ALL about me.

• Why is it easier for me to walk around physically naked, than it is to strip off another layer of who I thought I was?

• To dissolve Judgment I usually inquire: What is it about myself, in regards to another person, that upsets me? Today, the allegations are so manifold that the inquiry dissolves me.

• I am indulging in Self, and I feel naughty.

• I'm ashamed, I'm embarrassed, I'm afraid we'll be found out and crucified-- but I never let my ego stop me before.

• My medicine It is strong. I either cure or poison everyone I touch, but it appears I am immune to my own dose.

• There is something about me that I want you to know, as soon as I discover it myself, you'll be the first to find out.

• Self-inquiry leads to a richer experience of self realization when it involves dimensions of self-love, self-expression and self-pleasuring.

• I'm not who you think I am. Hell, I'm not even what I think I am. I don't claim to know who you are, either. Can we just be ourselves, without thought, together, tonight?

• To dissolve Judgment I usually inquire: What is it about myself, in regards to another person, that upsets me? Today, the allegations are so manifold that the inquiry is dissolving me.

• I have surrendered my seeking, when I inquire, who am I? I'm not looking, as much as listening for inspiration as to how to play the role of whomever I want to be.

• If every post you read seems to be about you, you're either egotistical or enlightened. Or both.

• Frequent misunderstandings surround you. Your perspective is so comprehensive that many are not capable of grasping your full meaning, yet, you appear content that they get what they got.

• It's not that I'm not ready for the Truth, I just don't know if I can handle all the bullshit that has to be cleared before the absolute reality of existence is revealed.

• You'r thoughts are incredible, your words cannot be relied on, and your actions are beyond reason. Yet, I believe in you.

• Behold that which activates your arousal and abandon it for nothing.

• I'm bidding farewell to all shameful spaces that deny the full flavor of my blossoming devotion.

• If your vocation doesn't turn you on, consider a change of vocation. The same could be said about relationship, home, hobbies and especially religion.

• Twilight only happens twice a day--until we expand our awareness and realize it's always happening, somewhere.

• When it seems there is a lot of work to do, nothing gets done, then I remember it is all play, and I become unstoppable.

OVERHEARD (in the Hot tub):

• Please don't set my pubic hair on fire.

• Your body is a temple. And now I'm going to desecrate it.

• If you can't say anything nice....say something naughty.

• Until you've had your womb quadruple in size and watched as an infant ripped through your yoni and your body split into two...No, you do not understand.

• On this full moon, I commune with all the women around the world who make it a practice to lock themselves in the bathroom just to feel.

• There's a small wounded girl inside that wants to punish you for knowing not what you do.-- And there's a huge divine mamma in me that has more than enough love to heal us both.

• My relationship to my mother is more complicated than all my other lovers combined. Infact, relating to her makes all other relationships a piece of cake. Thanks Mom.

• DEVIN (age 4)asks: Are you running out of love?
I have infinite love for you, Baby. I say
"But Mom, it's more fun if you pretend your running out, that way I can put love on my match stick and light you up again, and you can say thank you."
And then he proceeds to do exactly that. To which I say, Thank you.

• Devin: Lick your lips, mom.
Me: Why?
Devin: They're dry.
Me: I know, I need chapstick.
Devin: If we don't have any, I'll lick them for you.

• Devin (age 4): Mom I can't breath when there's no air.
Kamala: Me neither, honey.
Devin: That makes us special.
Kamala: Actually, nobody in the world can breath if there's no air.
Devin: Then everybody in the world is special.
...Kamala: Yes, dear. That's right.


• We are steadfast in our quest for truth -- we aren't seduced by pleasure, or products, or even the pursuit itself. --Eco Elf

• And then you come to the edge where your heart expands a little more, and it takes you by surprise that there's anything left to open. --Cheri Reeder

• A priestess does not get to chose who her seeker is. You never know who is going to be on the other side of your chamber door, but no matter who it is you're going to greet him like a long lost lover.-- Tracy Elise.

• Lovemaking and cuddling are the only two things that shouldn't be outsourced.-- James Schmachtenberger

• There is so much pain and suffering in the world. We have to consciously balance those scales with as much pleasure and ecstasy as we possibly can--Annie Sprinkle


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