Monday, July 13

Wanted: Event Coordinated for Bliss Coach U.

Help Wanted.
In Collaboration with Kamala Devi you would coordinate, plan and market special events such as Tantra-Palooza 2009.
Guest Teachers, Technical and clerical personnel as assigned.
Plans, organizes, coordinates, promotes, and facilitates special events.
Schedules and maintains communication with speakers, vendors, and participants.
Assists in preparing a variety of publications, materials, and programs for events such as fliers and distribution.
Acts as prime source for promotion of activities and special events through social media and tantra friendly sites such as Craigslist, grapevine, yahoo, one tantra, yahoo groups, SD Tantra Connection...
Coordinates and monitors event time lines before and during the event
Reviews and analyzes performance.
Any combination of education, training, and/or experience in event coordination, journalism, communications or related field a plus.
Knowledge of:
Event planning, public relations and marketing principles and practices; public education system, copyright laws, radio and television broadcast production processes; fundamentals of writing, composition, layout, photography and production for publications, Internet applications as they relate to public information activities.
Skill and Ability to: design and edit variety of materials; write in a creative, descriptive, technical or factual manner; establish and maintain cooperative relationships with those involved; respond to sensitive matters and/or situations with discretion, and compassion. Attention to detail. Ability to coordinate complex projects and meet deadlines; prepare presentations and speak effectively in various public forums; utilize standard business and desktop publishing software.
PAYMENT: You're payment would be on commission as a percentage of enrollment for the special events you coordinate with an agreed upon guarantee and potential bonuses for exceeding agreed upon goals.
CONTACT:Please contact Kamala Devi with a resume and a statement of intent explaining why you think you'd be perfect for this position. 858-272-2254


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