Sunday, July 19

The Making of "DVD for Non-mongomous Ninjas"

REiD and I were shocked and amazed that after a successful week-long festival of events, we did not have enough people to run the weekend course on Free Love. On Thursday, Reid declared, there must be some shamanic reason why we weren't meant to teach this weekend.

"Bullshit!" I exclaimed with a smile. "Every time something doesn't go the way someone wants it, they recite the same spiritual justification, 'everything happens for a reason,' as if it were all planned out and we are just little pawns in this big chess game. Well, I'm not buying it!"

This snarky comment launched us into a humorous banter of existential proportion. I take responsibility for my's a co-creation. If the universe doesn't want us to teach this weekend, we can simply co-create something else.
Like what?
Like A DVD.
Like Conscious Porn?
Or Maybe an instructional DVD for polyamory.
If I'm giving up my weekend, it better be fun!
How about a Handbook for Nonmonogomous Ninjas.
You mean a DVD.
That Rocks!
And we proceeded to brainstorm, script, rehearse, and shoot an outrageously fun and informative DVD with our top ten tips and techniques for responsible non-monogomy.
"That's a Wrap!" Tatyana said at the end of the shoot before we posed for this silly picture.

And it's a good thing that we got it all finished on Saturday, it turns out my late aunt's funeral was re-scheduled for Sunday, and I would've had to cancel the Free Love Retreat so that I could be with my family in Los Angeles.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Universe conspiring to me :) Love the going with the flowing.