Sunday, July 12

Ten Commandments of the Pathless Path...How's that for a paradox?

Inspired by the"Core Principles" of The Tantra Theosophical Society founded by Rev. Janet and Sasha Lessin, I've updated my Credo which I strive to practice without dogma:

1. My body is my temple.
2. I am true to that which I know myself to be.
3. I am not separate from God/Goddess.
4. I practice transparency and compassion in communication.
5. I celebrate the full expression of others.
6. I practice ritual AND experience magic in the mundane.
7. I embrace the non-dual through the paradox of polarity.
8. I recognize every moment is a doorway to love.
9. Sex is one of the highest forms of worship.
10. The Earth and all her creations are sacred.

The "Temple of Tantra" is legally recognizes as an Establishment of religion protected under the first amendment. As an ordained minister, I intend to align with this temple and help it become a more inclusive umbrella for other dakas, dakinis and tantra teachers. Check it out!!

Om Tat Sat. Kamala Devi

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Nicole Michele said...

Ahhh, new words to live by. Thank you for sharing.