Monday, July 13

Romance for the Rest of Us

Over a 15 new members of Bliss Coach University showed up for REiD Mihalko's first class in San Diego this Week. Here's a puppy pile after class and

Testimonials from the students:
"A great and easy to understand presentation of how to understand women and men and how to love them like they want to be loved."
"I look forward to utilizing this info in my love relationships, I feel it is a sure plan for success."
"Reid is a light-hearted, authentic, insightful teacher who breaks his material into clear and valuable themes and projects his energy in a way that captures your attention."
"Awesome workshop, I learned so much about my love tendencies and languages and how they might differ from your partners and cause "lack of romance.""
"Amazing information. Very insightful, casual atmosphere, relaxed, good learning environment. Thank you!"
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