Friday, August 19

What is a Tantric MatchMaker???

Too Shy to ask someone for a sacred sensual encounter? We are going to have several Tantra Yentas (Matchmakers) at Tantra-Palooza. Here are some ideas of messages you can send to the object of your desire: 1) I have a crush on you. 2) want to go on a speed date (15 minute walk or share a meal. 3) Or would you like to share some sacred sensual practices? Kamala Devi tells the story of how she was first introduced to the idea of 'il postino' at Zegg and she is actively looking for someone who wants to be a designated messanger at Tantra-Palooza.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. Although the direct approach has worked quite well for me at Tantra Palooza. -Bodhi

Blogger said...

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