Wednesday, August 31

Tantra Theater Call-Back Auditions!

Sack-Religious Holiday Show
"Come all ye who are religious in the sack!" 
We'll be starting the next Course on TUESDAYS at 6:30 in September, October and November.
We are planning a spectacular performance showcase in December!
I suggest you put the following dates on your calendar, and LIGHTEN UP your work and social calendar so that you can dive deeply into rehearsals and have time for emotional process and/or homework.
Open house and Auditions on Sept 6th. The first rehearsal begins on Sept. 13th. Please wear comfy clothes, bring pen, journal, inspiration and an open mind.

Must be available to rehearse weekly on Tuesdays at 6:45pm.

September: 13, 20, 27

October: 4, 11, 18, 25

November: 1, 8, 15 22, 29

December: 6, *7, *8, *9, *10 (*possible show dates)
other rehearsals during Tech week TBA
Wrap party: December 13th or following week if we do a later show. It is required that you miss no more than 3 classes AND dress rehearsal is mandatory.
San Diego TT has (3) three levels of participation: Personal, Transpersonal & Crew.

1) PERSONAL: We're seeking open-minded individuals who are interested in radical personal growth, no performance experience necessary. The Tantra Theater training provides a safe, challenging, non-judgmental space for spiritual seekers to experience their full expression. The training is a 90-day course that culminates in a showcase.
2) TRANSPERSONAL: We're also seeking Performance artists with improvisational skills, who are also empathic listeners who love serving the community. The San Diego Tantra Theater Troupe is a collective of spiritual artists who explore and empower sacred sexuality on stage. We collaborate to create performances that promote a greater understanding of sacred sexual issues in conscious communities within and beyond San Diego. Our personal, vulnerable and sometimes controversial presentations inspire learning, open discussion and spiritual awakening. During performance, both artists and audience have an opportunity to realize the creative power within their sex center. Using comedy, drama, and dance, we aim to educate, entertain and enlighten. (Prerequisite: Two or more 90-day courses or equivalent experience are necessary to become a member of the troupe.)

3) CREW: We can always use helping hands with lights, camera, sound, costume, props, concessions, ushering and fluffing. Experience, availability and positive attitude are appreciated! Our budget is limited but experienced Stage Management and video work may be compensated. Most other work is volunteer or trade for free attendance. We currently have a small, overworked team of groupies who are excited to expand the team.
MISSION STATEMENT: SD Tantra Theater Troupe combines ritual and performance to transmute sexual guilt, shame and fear into art, healing and liberation. We celebrate that every aspect of life's drama is sacred.
TANTRA THEATER TROUPE is a collective of artist, healers and teachers that produce performances, workshops and events for personal growth. Created in 2009 under the direction of author and Tantra Teacher, Kamala Devi, Tantra Theatre has performed locally as well as at national sacred sex conferences and festivals.

We are looking for creative, open minded, intuitive, vulnerable and honest storytellers with a good sense of humor, and a love for learning. What we look for:

· Empathic listening skills

· Available to rehearse weekly
· Comfortable with personal growth and movement-based work
· Community orientation: personality that plays well with others
· Strong stage presence: both as an ensemble player and as a solo performer

· Optional artistic skills: Music, dance, poetry all other tantric arts welcome!


· Deep heart connections with cast and crew
· Opportunity to grow as a person and performer
· The ability to safely perform to audience of over 100 people
· Commemorative DVD of your performance
· Visibility through video clips on on http
· Performing for many different circumstances in a broad range of venues
· Opportunity to affect Social change
· Rehearse 6:30-9:30pm once per week for 9 weeks (Plus longer later hours during tech-week, on the week before the showcase.)
· 1.5 hour Private coaching to develop your personal narrative.
· 10 hours of personal homework, writing, rehearsing and at least 1-2 hours/month of volunteer work.
· Upon first joining, you'll be invited to take part in an 9-week deep personal growth group to get your skills up to performance level. The financial commitment for this course is only $497. Returning students receive $100 discount.


· Email Kamala Devi, Director, to tell us you are interested in auditioning, and get directions.
· Come to the next scheduled audition. You needn’t prepare anything.
· If we like each other and feel creative synergy, you will either be asked come to a callback audition or be invited to join the next 90-day journey and be a part of the Holiday show!

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