Monday, August 8

As you are

to know the truth
takes a willingness
to see it naked
and be with it
as it is
as you are

reality is sloppy
like sex
It's ugly and messy
at times
it hurts but it's 
so much more satisfying
than shielding oneself 
with mental illusions

you say you want to
accept what is
but I say, fuck it
Or "make love" to it 
if you insist
Have your way with it

Let me see you
unveil your raw insecure 
uncertain body, for me
so I know I'm not alone
show me, please, that 
nobody is

your deep dark inner experience
is interesting to me
fascinating even.
I'm bored by the impulse 
to reassure me that everything's 
going to be OK

Let yourself be held
for once
Let the tears flow 
through that cold mental filter
so i can mourn with you.
And together we can celebrate
That we may never
figure it all out

But we can, at least
get naked with what is 
and feel it all

Kamala Devi
Aug. 2011

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