Monday, May 2

Tantra Theater Performs at 10th Annual Sexuality Conference

In this unlikely scene, San Diego Tantra Theater players: Akasha Rose, Kamala Devi, Michael, and Shawn Roop dramatize a sexual awakening story volunteered by unsuspecting audience member. There were approx. 150 people in attendance at this year's gathering for sacred sexuality professionals. It was the 10th annual conference for ISTA: International School of Temple Arts and Master Mantak Chia was the Keynote speaker.

Tantra Theater offered all new material for main stage entertainment on Saturday Night before the evening Play party. Shawn Roop starts off with an orginal piece which explores the question: "What do you tell people when they ask you what do you do?"  

Michael McClure AKA Eco-Elf, does a Hilarius reenactment of a popular tantra spoof by Comedy Inc.

Kamala Devi offers a dramatic interpretation of literature, a poem entitled "Thunder, Perfect Mind" from the Nag Hammid Library. 380 BC. And then we did Improv. Comedy based on a day in the life of Baba Dez Nichols.
After the scripted performance art, we did interactive performance art with the audience.

The highlight of the show was improvisational comedy created from an interview with Baba Dez Nichols. In this scene, Baba Dez tells about one of the first sessions he ever offered.

 Audience member Trish graces us with the juicy story of her first Amrita, and allows us to reenact it on stage.

 We closed the evening with a prayer and invitation to join us for more Tantra Theater at our upcoming show entitled "bohemian" in San Diego on Fri. May 20th and Sat. May 21st. At the Handlery Tower Room in San Diego. This event will sell out. For online tickets please go to: For more details about Tantra Theater go to
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